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Watch Mai Shiranui in action in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

During the Dead or Alive Festival last month, Koei Tecmo Games revealed that Dead or Alive 5 Last Round would be receiving quite a bit of downloadable content including an

Dead or Alive 5 gets another round of swimsuits, a new stage and updates

One of the main attractions for the Dead or Alive series are the female fighters. Okay, so maybe it’s the MAIN attraction, but I do enjoy the fighting and countering

New Dead or Alive 5 costume DLC has cat ears, maid outfits and a demon ninja

Dead or Alive 5 fans will have a chance to download some new costumes with the release of the Round 2 Costume Packs. The first round was released two weeks

Dead or Alive 5 gets new costume DLC for free

Dead or Alive 5’s first DLC costume pack is available today for free for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Did I see that right? A fighting game getting a

Mila revealed as newest character for Dead or Alive 5

With all these different fighters with different techniques for Dead or Alive 5, we finally get a fighter who has the ability to mix all these different types of martial

Dead or Alive 5’s Helena and Lisa character art, screenshots and video

Team Ninja has released some screenshots, character profiles, and a video featuring new contenders, Lisa Hamilton and Helena Douglas. Check out their updated look, outfits, and fighting style. Dead or

Dead or Alive 5 bikini screenshots and box art revealed

It looks like Team Ninja is transferring the bikinis from Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball over to Dead or Alive 5. Check out below the screenshots of the 7 lovely

Dead or Alive 5 Tag Mode video and screenshots featuring Tina Armstrong, Lisa and Jann Lee

Tecmo has released a new Tag Mode video and screenshots featuring what else, tag team action! Along with that, we have some new images and screenshots of Lisa, Jann Lee

Dead or Alive 5 Christie and Bayman gameplay, screenshots and posters

Christie and Bayman are the next two fighters to be announced for Dead or Alive 5. With that announcement, Team NINJA has released a bunch of screenshots, poster images and

Team Ninja wants realistic women for Dead or Alive 5, plus new screenshots and Ninja Gaiden 3 box art

Team Ninja has been busy with Dead or Alive 5 and Ninja Gaiden 3. Team Ninja leader Yosuke Hayashi wants to get away from the previous boob-obsessed Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive 5 Inspired Martial Arts Fan Film

Inspired by the Dead or Alive 5 teaser footage, three fans decided to shoot a little martial arts short. The video features KidHaru (Devin White), Tommy and Malay Kim. My

No More Doll Faces with Ayane and Hitomi in DOA 5

Here’s your first look at the two ladies, Ayane and Hitomi, from Dead or Alive 5. You can already tell that the girls have got a new look. Under Itagaki’s