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Dead Island: Retro Revenge trailer

Planning on picking up the Dead Island: Definitive edition? Well, you might consider giving it a pre-order because we have just been treated to a trailer for a special bonus

Dead Island to become a live-action zombie flick

Zombie films based on zombie games aren’t new, since we’ve have plenty including Resident Evil and House of the Dead(I’m sorry for bringing that up). Now we’re going to be

Lionsgate Buys Rights to Dead Island… Great…

Lionsgate announced today that they have secured the rights to Deep Silver’s smash hit, Dead Island, and will begin working on development. So far there is no word yet on

People Still Love Their Zombies – ‘Dead Island’ Ships 2 Million Units

It’s a fact, zombies are in. We have the popular hit show, Walking Dead, coming out with more episodes for its second season. We have another zombie game coming out,

Dead Island, Where the Living Looks Scarier than the Dead

Here’s the accidentally released dev kit version of Dead Island where a player is playing around the game in third person. The result is pretty creepy. Note that you can’t

Dead Island Is Almost Here! Check Out the Release Trailer

Dead Island will be out next week on Tuesday, so what better way to get excited than with a new release trailer featuring more cutscenes, zombie-killing mayhem, and that very

‘Dead Island’ Goes Gold, Plus New Co-Op Trailer

Dead Island has officially gone gold, with the game being released on September 6, 2011 in North America and September 9th everywhere else. With that announcement, here’s the new trailer

Hands-On Impressions of Dead Island 4 Player Co-Op

One of the few games that I was really looking forward to seeing this year at E3 was Dead Island. There is just something about Survival Horror that I can’t

First Dead Island Gameplay – 11 Minutes of Zombie-Smashin’ Goodness

We finally get our first look at the actual gameplay of Dead Island in this new 11-minute video. I was a little worried as to whether or not this game

First Dead Island In-Game Teaser

Here’s a glimpse of the in-game footage for the Dead Island teaser, “Tragedy Hits Paradise”. Zombie babes in bikini run rampant in the island of Banoi. It’s a neat teaser

Dead Island’s Rap Star, Sam B, Faces the Undead in These New Screens

Dead Island, the game that got our attention with that sad, weird, backwards trailer, is back today with a few more screens to feast on. These ones feature Sam B,

Dead Island Logo Gets Censored by ESRB

So the ESRB gave the order for the Dead Island logo makeover. The original had a guy being hung off of the palm tree. I guess they deemed it too

Giant Insane Zombie Loose in Dead Island

Dead Island has some new screenshots, one including a giant crazy-looking zombie with a straight jacket and mask to prevent biting. At least he can’t turn you into a zombie,

Dead Island Artwork: Hi-res Xian Mei Image

Here’s a nice high-res artwork of one of the characters from Dead Island, Xian Mei. She’s of Chinese origin and works as a receptionist at the Royal Palm Resort. She’s

Dead Island Has 4-Player Co-op, 20 to 30 Hours of Gameplay

Dead Island, the game whose trailer spread across the internet much like a zombie apocalypse would infect the world, has a lot of new details via Game Pro magazine. The

Dead Island Trailer Theme Now Available to Download

The popular original trailer theme for Dead Island is now available to download on iTunes. The theme was both emotional and haunting as it accompanied the trailer where a family

Axis Animation: The Team Behind the Dead Island Trailer

The video game community was all about the shockingly cool viral Dead Island trailer last week, which reached over 2.5 million YouTube views. It’s a survival horror game for the

Yes Another Zombie Game: Dead Island Shocking Trailer and Screenshots

We have a new action/RPG zombie game called Dead Island on the horizon with screenshots and a trailer. Wow, now this is a cool pre-rendered trailer. It’s pretty ballsy too