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Dark Souls 2 review

It’s that time again where you will kill, die and rinse and repeat for as long you can keep your sanity. Dark Souls 2 is the newest sequel to the

This Dark Souls 2 launch trailer will (probably) eat you alive

Dark Souls 2’s launch is nigh! With any good video game launch comes the inevitable launch trailer. This one surely includes all manner of foul, disease-infested beasts that lurk in

Dark Souls II will launch on April 25 for the PC

Dark Souls II will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next week, but those with the PC will have to wait an extra six weeks before they can play

This is how a ’80s cartoon of Dark Souls 2 should look

While everyone’s waiting to die for Dark Soul II next month, YouTube user veselekov brings us a video of everyone’s undead hero, back in the 1980’s Complete with cheesy one-liners,

The Dark Souls 2 weapon pack for pre-orders is not game-breaking

[The following is an opinion piece] Giving players an incentive to buy early at full price is nothing new. Many publishers have chosen to offer costumes, gameplay modes, levels and

Watch 9 minutes of Dark Souls 2 gameplay

It’s now a little over a month away until Dark Souls 2 is released for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the game, you’ll be able to create

Meet the supporting characters of Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 is almost here, and similar to the previous game, players can expect to meet a large cast of interesting characters that can help (or hinder) your journey.

Dark Souls 2 new digital comic is free starting Wednesday, January 8th

Dark Souls 2 is near completion and ready to set the online community ablaze with jolly cooperation and dreadful invasion. To help in the promotion of the game, Namco Bandai

Dark Souls 2 beta videos show improved jolly co-operation

Unlike our own government, players in Dark Souls enjoyed working with each other as much as they do against each other. So those keeping an eye on Dark Souls 2

Light up the dark with this new Dark Souls II TGS trailer

NamcoBandai has released a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show showcasing the new Dark Souls II. Darkness is your enemy and new fearsome foes await your demise. Featuring a chilling

Dark Souls 2 beta, only destroying the souls of PS3 owners

It was only two years ago when the world last received its optional, masochistic, virtual, dungeon crawling beat-down. Have you played enough Dark Souls that you’ve come to feel triumphant?

One hour with Dark Souls 2, my favorite game of E3 2013

The souls series is one that crushes you until you either get better, or until you poke around and find some way around the often seemingly insurmountable obstacle that you’re

E3 2013 – Interview with Dark Souls 2 Director Yui Tanimura

During our E3 adventures, myself and fellow writer Ryan Southard sat down with co-director for the much anticipated Dark Souls 2, Yui Tanimura, speaking via a translator, to discuss the

Dark Souls 2 shield contest lowers its defenses for entrants

There is hardly anything better as a video game fan than to have your own work put into a game. We’re not talking about your name in the credits–though that

Want Dark Souls II on the Wii U? Sign a petition for it

As you may or may not already know Dark souls II is currently in production, with the game itself planned for release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. For

VGA Ten roundup: Winners and trailers for AC III, ‘MGS’, Castlevania, South Park, Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Dark Souls II and more

So the VGA Ten awards have come and gone, and we were treated to a bunch of debut/new trailers for upcoming video games including the possible Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes,