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Curtis Clow on Beastlands, Dark Horse Partnership and Successful Kickstarters (Exclusive)

Beastlands is a medieval fantasy comic that started off as a successful Kickstarter, where three teenagers try to save their companion beasts known as “Keepers.” It will be released under

Dark Horse comics gets Stranger Things license

Dark Horse Comics is teaming up with Netflix to bring the phenomenon Stranger Things to the comic pages. It will be released in September and will be a multi-series run

Dark Horse to release ‘The Art of Metal Gear Solid V’

If you’re done playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and are looking for more Metal Gear merchandise, Dark Horse will be releasing a new art book titled The

Live-action Blade of the Immortal coming to big screen

Blade of the Immortal is going to be on the big screen, and they have just announced who will be playing the lead role, Manji, and the director. The director

Danganronpa manga coming to North America

The murder mystery Danganronpa is coming to North America in manga form thanks to publisher Dark Horse. The comic book publisher will be publishing the first four volumes in March 2016. The

Fight Club gets a sequel… as a comic

The Fight Club movie, based on the book by Chuck Palahniuk, starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and was very controversial. It influenced some actual fight clubs to form across the nation,

Review: Mass Effect comic collection deluxe hardcover

Perhaps one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises ever, Mass Effect contains a rich universe full of interesting characters, intricate futuristic technology, and aliens so bizarre they feel the need

The Art of the Venture Bros. coming in October from Dark Horse Books

While waiting for news on season 6 of the Venture Bros., Dark Horse Books announced it will be releasing The Art of the Venture Bros. on October 22nd. The art

Star Wars Volume Two: From the Ruins of Alderaan (comic)

Star Wars is in the thick of it. In this volume, scripted by Brian Wood, we find our classic favorites in the muck of it. Luke is being hunted by

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2 keeps flying high

It’s hard to describe the bond that geeks have with Joss Whedon’s space-cowboy adventure Firefly; it was gone far too soon, however much of its cult status comes from its

Marvel and Lucasfilm to start publishing Star Wars comics

After a little more than 20 years, the Star Wars comic franchise is returning home back to Marvel. Dark Horse Comics has been publishing all of the past Star Wars

Our Interview with Elfquest Creators Wendy and Richard Pini

At New York Comic Con on Wednesday, or as I like to call it the “Day 1”, I was invited to a special event at Columbia University where I had the pleasure

The Star Wars: Oh-so familiar, yet oh-so very different

Based on the original rough-draft screenplay by George Lucas, The Star Wars, released by Dark Horse Comics, is a unique look at a storyline that never was. Before opening the

The Sky: The Art Of Final Fantasy (Slipcased Edition) Review

“The Sky” is the title of the collection of artworks created by Yoshitaka Amano. Anyone familiar with Final Fantasy’s long history, would know that Amano is one of the key

Dark Horse Comics to release new Legend of Zelda statues

Dark Horse had a pretty huge and eye catching booth at San Diego Comic-Con. During the four days, the booth was filled with attendees in line for autograph signings for

Winter is coming right now with these Game of Thrones SDCC collectibles and exclusive

San Diego Comic-Con is known for exclusives, and if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then you can bet your ass that there will be exclusive collectibles from the

Mass Effect’s Turian Cruiser ship gets a replica, courtesy of Dark Horse

Dark Horse not only publishes comics, but they also do miniature replicas. For example, they have already released four ships from Mass Effect including the Normandy. The next Mass Effect

Halo 4’s Sarah Palmer to get a comic book origin story from Dark Horse

What’s that? Are you excited about a Halo comic book starring everybody’s favorite character, Sarah Palmer? Okay, so maybe not, but apparently there are fans out there who are. Dark

George Lucas’ first draft of Star Wars gets turned into a comic book

Before Star Wars and Anakin Skywalker, there was Annikin Starkiller and The Star Wars. The Star Wars was the original screenplay draft from George Lucas that was put on paper three

Oh gawd! Mass Effect’s Reaper gets a large-scale replica

Well, I’m officially sold on what Dark Horse Deluxe is doing with their collectible series. The first collectible announced is the large-scale replica of the Reaper, Sovereign, from the Mass

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