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Explore the secret bars at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

It’s Halloween time, and that means amusement parks are turning themselves into a Halloween extravaganza. Universal Studios gets points for getting properties like Stranger Things, Halloween, Poltergeists and The Purge

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor now running through November 1

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is now open and it will be running on select nights through November 1st. It’s one of the biggest Halloween events in the Southern California

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor to debut new maze, Feast

The Halloween season is almost here, and it’s time to get spooked by malicious monsters and sinister settings. One of the haunted events I am always looking forward to in

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor adds new scares and monsters

The Queen Mary, rich with her own true tales from her history, is the perfect spot to have a horror theme park. Each maze has been based on an urban

Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary returns with a new guest

It’s that time of year again! Time to be scared with those Halloween Scare attractions! Queen Mary is no different… except for the fact that the Queen Mary has been

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2014 (review)

Last Thursday, fellow Reactorite Laura (who acted as my photographer for the evening) and I attended The Queen Mary’s annual October haunting Dark Harbor in Long Beach. I attended last

Queen Mary’s Dark Horbor gets two new mazes and a limited scary experience

Halloween is about two months away, but many attractions are preparing for the spooky holiday season very early. Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor begins October 2 through November 2, and today it

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Review: Nautical Spooks

The Queen Mary stands as a testament to ship building technology. A marvel of the early 20th century, the exotic cruise liner played host to a number of celebrities and

The Dark Harbor returns to Long Beach next week

Those that know me know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Sure, Christmas has gifts handed down by a jolly old fat man, Thanksgiving has all the