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The internet comes together for the Dancing Man

The internet can be a scary place. With places like 4chan and StickyDrama, cyberbullying is very common. Just a few days ago, a photo was posted on 4chan of a

Beautiful message about the truth of Internet Trolls

We’ve dealt with issues regarding cyber bullies and internet trolls, but those were just factual articles. Here is something deeper. More emotional. More raw. Writer Shane Koyczan wrote a beautiful

NR Podcast #12: DC vs. Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cyberbullying

Download | Itunes | Subscribe to RSS | Previous Episodes Hey guys and welcome to the latest episode of the NR Podcast. We discuss Warner Brothers’ plans for their cinematic universe including Justice

Cyberbullying is NEVER ok

With the recent chain of events, one of our articles [now removed] mentioned cosplayers names as examples for the topic and since then, they have received death threats and threatening