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CW’s Supergirl doesn’t see romance with The Flash, but what about Arrow?

In an interview with DC All Access, the cast of Supergirl gave some interesting ideas and information about what they want in the next season of their show, which will now be

CW Upfronts 2016 include a familiar superhero, an Archie comic, and radio waves

Big things are coming to the CW, but the biggest and best news from the CW Upfronts this year was of course, Supergirl. With the new move from CBS to

Kevin Smith wants to write for CW’s Arrow

Many people might not be aware, but last night’s episode of The Flash was directed by Kevin Smith. After the awesome episode of the Flash, we, of course, did The Flash Reaction

Trickster returns to the Flash

Looks like Mark Hamill is going to be back on The Flash. Comicbook.com has confirmed that he is returning to the series as The Trickster. As you know last season,

The Flash Season 2 premiere date and episode title revealed

Last time we saw Barry Allen, he had just defeated the Reverse-Flash, lost his friend Eddie Thawne, and was racing to stop a black hole from destroying Central City. We

New CW Upfront 2015-2016 lineup including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The CW, the ones who started the TV comic book craze, brings you a new show about DC heroes, a virus outbreak, and a hilarious musical comedy about a crazy

Caity Lotz’s character revealed for CW’s Legends of Tomorrow

Spoilers below if you haven’t seen the third season of Arrow. Ever since the announcement that Caity Lotz will be joining the cast of the new Arrow/The Flash spin-off series,

The Flash: 1×15 ‘Out of Time’ photos

I know last night must had been difficult for you, Flash fans, to not have a new episode of CW’s The Flash, but rest easy – we have photos from

iZombie: First look inside the brains of the new CW show

First, vampire shows like Vampire Diaries and True Blood were taking over television. Slowly, werewolves were taking up the screen with Teen Wolf. Now, a new genre of monsters have

Gorilla Grodd will appear on The Flash

Geoff Johns has pretty much confirmed that Gorilla Grodds will appear in The Flash during his interview with Buzzfeed. He was very ecstatic talking about The Flash and what it can bring

Ra’s al Ghul has been cast for Arrow

In a quick blurb on Stephen Amell’s Facebook, he confirmed that Matt Nable (Riddick) has been cast as Ra’s al Ghul in the CW’s Arrow. Liam Neeson wanted to reprise

CW’s The Flash cast answers fan questions

Check out two videos featuring cast members Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton along with executive producer Greg Berlanti from CW’s The Flash answering questions from fans. In Part

‘Veronica Mars’ spin-off is all about Dick

Dick Casablancas, of course. The CW Seed Web has announced that Veronica Mars‘ star Ryan Hansen will be reprising his role as douchebag favorite, Dick Casablancas for a eight episode

New trailer for The Flash, plus Arrow will get a suit upgrade in Season 3

If you missed out on the premiere of The Flash pilot during San Diego Comic-Con, hopefully this trailer will help with the wait when the show premiers on the CW

David Cubitt joins Arrow cast

Another week and another Arrow casting news. This time David Cubitt (Medium) will join the cast of Arrow and his character will have strong ties to Diggle. David will play

Arrow Season 3’s extended look features Brandon Routh and Ra’s al Ghul

Check out the extended look video for Arrow season 3. We get a nice recap of season 2 and now we see what’s in store for season 3. Some examples

Cop sets up a speed trap in new The Flash trailer

Here’s a fun trailer for the upcoming CW show, The Flash. In it we see a cop on the side of the road waiting for speedsters to go over the

A man of ice joins The Flash

It looks like a new threat has come into the fold for CW’s The Flash. This time it’s the ice-gun toting villain himself, Captain Cold. Were you expecting Mr. Freeze?

Firestorm joins The Flash

Another super powered human joins the CW but this time it’s for the TV show The Flash and his name is Firestorm. You may have heard his name before… it’s

Brandon Routh set to join CW’s Arrow

In the past week or so two casting news have been revealed for The CW’s Arrow. Today a third casting news has been revealed for the hit show, and this time