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Fast & Furious – What a disaster plot

Fast & Furious – What a disaster plot –

Geek Ink: Epic Star Wars Chestpiece

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Geek Ink article but I thought it would be good to start it up again with this kick ass Star Wars tattoo chestpiece.

Book Review: Sad Monsters: Growling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside

Holy crap I’m doing a book review! I hope you’re as shocked as I am, especially with the big name video game titles coming out. At this moment, I can

Spock Comes Out of the Closet

There are some very sad Trekkie ladies out there today because it has just been announced that Star Trek and Heroes star, Zachary Quinto, has come out in this week’s

Bill Gates on the Passing of Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Many are still reeling from the shock from the announcement today that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. It was only less than 2 months ago, that the

Predator: The Musical

Move over Spiderman: Turn off the Lights, you’re not mighty mighty as Arnold SCHWARZENEGGERS vocal’s in Predator: The Musical! Here he comes to save the DAY! We need more musculer-musical¬†spectacles

Friends and Family Remember Ryan Dunn

This morning, news broke that Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a car crash late last night in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania. Long before Jackass, Ryan was a member of

Japan Gets a Jurassic Park-Themed ‘Love’ Hotel

Taiwan thought they were so cool with their Batman themed “Love Suite”. Well consider yourself owned Taiwan, because Japan has just opened their very own Jurassic Park themed Love Hotel,

Whatever Happened to Star Tours’ Original Pilot?

Today, Star Tours makes its grand return to Disneyland. It has been 24 years, since the original ride first appeared in Tomorrowland at “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Now with

Nerd Reactor Fan & Artist Struts Nerdzilla!

Artist and Nerd Reactor fan, Justin Bogy, was ecstatic to know what we were doing for the Nerd culture. So in turn he went ahead and made this awesome interpretation of our Nerdzilla mascot.

Death of Superman Fan-Film Sequel: Funeral for a Friend

Awhile back, we reported on kashchei2003’s amazing Death of Superman fan-film, Superman: DOOMSDAY. The short was met with great critical acclaim from fans, who shouted at the roof tops “Why…

Functional SNES Urinal

Waste of Classic Games or clever way to recycling? You be the judge.  JJ Hendricks is the man behind this interesting use of old video game cartridges. To put the

Did Charlie Sheen Get Ousted by the Nerds?

Seems like everyone is talking about how Charlie Sheen was recently fired from the show Two and a Half Men. I was never a big fan of the show and

The Pope & Social Networks: Don’t Be ‘Scurred’

Pope Benedict has given its blessing and its warning towards any social network online.

The Urkel Initiative: Waging War on Saggy Pants with the 90’s Lovable Nerd

I never quiet fully understood the attraction of saggy pants. Even as a kid I always thought that if something catastrophic ever happen and I need to run really fast,

Guitar Hero: Christmas Lights Edition

There’s no question that some people take their Christmas light decorations really serious. You see these people at the store, buying up every bulb and garland they can get their

Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler Throws it Down in an Epic Freestyle Battle Rap

What happens when the Lord of the Darkside faces off with the commander of the Third Reich? Well if you put down a dope beat and turn up the bass,

Veteran’s Day 2010 – Remembering and Honoring with…DEALS

In remembering Veterans Day, 2010, we would like to thank all of the service members. Also, here is a comprised list of what Veterans can get for their day!

Persona -Trinity Soul- Review

Continuing Season 1 of the Persona ~Trinity Soul~, season 2’s box set comes with the complete second season on two disks containing episodes 14-26 and an art book featuring mini

Classical Nerds with The Phantom of the Opera Theatrical Review

The Phantom Of The Opera US National tour comes to a final curtain call in Los Angeles’s famous Pantages Theater. Andrew Lloyd Webber makes an appearance too!