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PS Plus members get 6 free games for August including Dragon’s Crown and Crysis 3

It’s another great month to be a PlayStation Plus member. For the month of August, subscribers will be getting six free games, with some of the games being available for

Former Darksiders developers form new studio with Crytek

Crytek confirmed today that a number of employees that formed the now defunct Vigil Games have found a new home within their company, in that of a newly established studio

Crysis 3 single-player gameplay video will make you cry for a better graphics card

Crytek has released a new Crysis 3 single-player gameplay video featuring stunning visuals and a crappy player. The Crysis games have been known to push the limits of graphical abilities,

Crysis 3 gameplay trailer welcomes you to the jungle

EA and Crytek have released the new gameplay trailer for Crysis 3, and it sure looks pretty. I never really got a chance to play the games, so I can’t

Crysis 3 announced and has a Spring 2013 release date

EA has finally confirmed that there will be an upcoming third title to the Crysis series that will release in early 2013. Alcatraz (his name wasn’t changed to Prophet until