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Freddie Wong and Jon Favreau in Cowboys and… Other Cowboys

Cowboys and Aliens is almost upon us and I think it’s very cool that Jon Favreau has contacted Freddie Wong, Youtube extraordinaire, to help make a cool short in conjunction

New ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Trailer and Featurette!

Universal Pictures’ Cowboys and Aliens gets its third theatrical trailer today. Seems to be more of the same footage we have seen in recent weeks with a couple of new

Hero Complex Film Fest Sunday

The final day of the four day LA Time‘s Hero Complex Film Festival, began with a screening of Pixar‘s superhero animation, ‘The Incredibles.‘ That was then followed by a special

Trailer Double Feature! Rise of The Apes and Cowboys vs Aliens

Today, we got a double dose of new trailers. After a few images popped up from WETA Digital, at last, we have a trailer for Rise of the Planet of

Cowboys & Aliens Teaser Trailer: James Bond Meets Aliens

The Cowboys & Aliens teaser trailer has been released by Universal Pictures via Yahoo, and it’s looking good. Directed by Jon Favreau with Daniel Craig starring as the stranger, it’s

Cowboys and Aliens Poster Lacks Aliens, But Shows Badass Cowboy

Universal Pictures has unveiled the teaser poster for Cowboys and Aliens, a film that’s going to be directed by Iron Man director, Jon Favreau. The movie is coming out on