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CosCast #59: E3 Predictions and Cosplay

Download l Previous Episodes We talk E3 predictions and cosplaying potential cosplays from upcoming games. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Email us at CosCast AT NerdReactor DOT com. You can also follow us

CosCast on the Cospod: When two cosplaying podcasts collide

Hey guys, there’s no Coscast this week, but you can listen to Matt and I on Episode 36 of the Cospod. And the Cospod after-session. Check out the previous CosCast

CosCast #57: Celebrity Cosplaying

Download l Previous Episodes Welcome to the CosCast. This is episode 57. Today we talk about celebrities. If you’ve ever seen a celebrity cosplaying, it’s one of the coolest things.

CosCast 56: Comics, anime and cosplay

Download Link Join Tara Strand, Becky Horton and I as we talk about comics and cosplay. Even though Matt and Jordan are gone for this episode, we still talk about

CosCast 55: Cosplay prep, May Fourth, Bats Day, Free Comic Book Day

Hi guys, welcome to the podcast. This is episode 55 of the CosCast. I hope everybody had a great May Fourth, a great Free Comic Book Day, and a great

CosCast 54: Costumers and Cosplaying

Welcome to the podcast. This is episode 54 of The CosCast after our cosplay =/= consent episode. Today we have myself (Joey Rassool), Morgan Woods and Matthew Lewis. Now that

CosCast 53: Cosplay Not Consent Edition

Welcome to CosCast episode 53. This is a very heavy episode for everyone, since we’re addressing the issue of the movement of “Cosplay Does Not Equal CONsent.” For those of

CosCast 52: Anime Conji 2013 Edition (Pros and Cons)

Host Matt Lewis comes back from Anime Conji 2013 in San Diego and talks about the pros and cons of this anime convention. He is joined by Morgan Woods and

CosCast 50: Sakura-Con Coverage and Gallery Edition

It’s our 50th episode of The CosCast! This past weekend Matthew Lewis heads to Sakura-Con to cover and interview cosplayers at the anime convention. Download Link: CosCast 50 (Right click and

CosCast 49 – Pre-WonderCon and Sakura-Con

Matt, Becky and I host this week’s CosCast. Jordan is currently in Japan and Tara is at home taking care of the baby. We talk about WonderCon, Sakura-Con, Anime Conji,

CosCast 48 with Man at Arms’ Tony Swatton

On this week’s episode of The CosCast, we invite Man at Arm’s Tony Swatton to the show. He has recreated some cool deadly weapons including the Batarang, He-Man’s sword, Raphael’s

CosCast 47: We’re Back! A CosCast Story

The CosCast team, Joey Rassool, Jordan Brown, Matt Lewis, Tara Strand and Morgan Woods, is back as they bring back their cosplaying stories from the past, present and future! So

CosCast will return next year. Have a Happy Holiday!

If you’re wondering why there are no new episodes of The CosCast recently, that’s because the team is currently on break for the holidays. New episodes will go live in

CosCast 46: Pre-Anime LA Excitement

Join CosCast’s Joey Rassool, Jordan Brown and Matthew Lewis as they talk about the upcoming Anime Los Angeles convention in January and how it compares with other cons like PMX,

CosCast 45: ReactorCon 2012

Join the CosCast team as we head to ReactorCon 2012, the first convention by Nerd Reactor. We’re coming at you live from the event. CosCast host: Joey Rassool, Jordan Brown,

CosCast 43: Borderlands 2 Special

Welcome to the 43rd episode of the CosCast. Join me, Becky Horton, Jack Conway and Kai Norman as we discuss about the wonderful world of Borderlands 2 and cosplay. Download

Coscast 41 featuring Cape & Cowl Creations’ Abby and Akiko

Abby Polakow and Akiko Thomas are Cape and Cowl Creations, an up-and-coming costume shop that can make your wildest cosplay ideas come to life. In this episode we sit down

CosCast 36 with photographer Kevin Knight

I sit down with the popular photographer Kevin Knight. His Darth Vader shot may have swept the internet like crazy, but there’s a lot more where that came from. We

CosCast 35 featuring cosplayer Tallest Silver

Here’s episode 35 of The CosCast. I sit down with Cali-based cosplayer, Tallest Silver, and we talk about her beginnings in the con scene and how she got from there

CosCast 34: We’re back with prop builder Matt Munson

CosCast is back, bitches! After a longer-than-expected hiatus, the Coscast is up and running again with some new interviews. This week, prop builder Matt Munson stops by the studio and