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Review: Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard, speed kills (the competition)

While Corsair has been a mainstay of high-quality PC components for decades, it has only been the last few years we have seen the Corsair Gaming brand start making headway

Review: Corsair VOID Wireless RGB Headset

It was not long ago that Corsair announced their brand new VOID headphones to the masses at Gamescom in Germany just last month. Corsair is most well-known by PC enthusiasts

Corsair unveils a trio of sexy gaming peripherals

Corsair is continuing its trend of producing high-end gaming peripherals that are capable of throwing down with any other company on the market. As we have seen with the sails logo

Review: Corsair Gaming STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair’s beloved sails are back and flying high again with the release of the new STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard. After about a week of use and comparison to the Corsair K70

Review: Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Last month renowned PC hardware company Corsair went through some pretty big changes by clearly branding a new subdivision ‘Corsair Gaming’. Corsair Gaming has one goal in mind, and that

Corsair criticized for new ‘Tramp Stamp’ logo…really? (Opinion)

This past Monday, PC hardware and peripheral maker Corsair ceremoniously launched their games-centric new division of the company, ‘Corsair Games’, along with the latest updated versions of many of their