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Disney, Marvel vow to leave Georgia if discriminatory bill passed

What do you do when the people you’re arguing with about human rights don’t actually care about human rights? Threaten to take away something they do care about: money. That’s

Carrie Fisher thinks the Slave Leia merchandise controversy is asinine

Carrie Fisher is known for her iconic roles as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. She’s the original self-empowered female in the Star Wars universe that young girls

Why it sucks that Star Wars is full of white guys

The internet exploded when director J. J. Abrams let the world have a first peek at the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, but not all the shouting has been

YouTuber Clash blasts Machinima’s poor management

“Stay away from Machinima.” That’s a powerful statement from someone who’s been working with the network for over two and a half years. Click here to view. Yesterday, Clash, a

What are they smoking over at DC?

Fresh off the heels of a controversy surrounding Batwoman’s lesbian wedding (which caused two writers to leave the Batwoman comic altogether), DC has outdone themselves once more. After “re-vamping” Harley

Liz Katz may have once been in porn, so what?

Liz Katz has been an inescapable name these past few days, especially if you spend time on our website. Katz became infamous when her Indiegogo campaign for a new costume

Comic shop refuses to shelve Orson Scott Card’s Superman

A local comic book and geekery store in Ottawa, Ontario has, among other retailers, decided not to shelve author Orson Scott Card’s controversial Adventures of Superman anthology due to the

SE pulls controversial Hitman Facebook app

After being released after a few scant hours, and after a humongous backlash from the community and gaming press, Square Enix has pulled a controversial Facebook app promoting Hitman: Absolution.

Ubisoft giving always-on DRM the axe

In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft’s worldwide director of online games, Stephanie Perotti, officially made it known that the company has scrapped the invasive always-on DRM that has