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Steam Universe part 3: The Steam Controller

Valve’s final announcement is the Steam Controller. Two circular trackpads and an LCD touch screen position themselves neatly on the front of the pad. Valve is confident that this will

Play your classic NES, SNES, Genesis games on the RetroN 5 in December

While everyone is getting ready for the upcoming releases of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, fans of classic gaming got something else to look forward to. During E3 we

Nintendo has no plans for early Wii U adopters after price drop but has Zelda

Last week Nintendo announced that the 32GB version of the Nintendo Wii U would be receiving a price cut of $50 nearly 8 months after the console was released. Nintendo

Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 coming October 8th

  With the PlayStation 4 coming in the next few months, it’s not going to stop Sony from bringing out a new version of the PlayStation 3. However, this one

A.M.D at E3 2013. Rise of the A.P.U.

“A.M.D’s presence at E3 2013, in short, can be conveniently summarized using the company’s own acronym. All Machines Dominated.” Video games aren’t the only attraction on the Holy show-floors of

PS4 online multiplayer requires PS Plus service

It might have been something you missed if you watched the press conference since you were excited about the console reveal and game line ups, but it has been confirmed

Xbox One features 500GB HDD, 8 GB of Ram and out this year

In the last few months the new Xbox console had many names: Durango, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 720. Today it was finally announced as the Xbox One. The Xbox One will

Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow to talk about what coming for the Wii U and 3DS

Are you still debating on whether you should be picking up a Wii U console? Maybe you are, but you’re not sure if the games Nintendo has out now are

NEOGEO X GOLD arcade console due out before Xmas

Remember when SNK used to put out consoles and those arcade machines packed with multiple games in one unit? Video game merchandise distributor Tommo does, and for the 20th anniversary

Rumor: Xbox Console 3 Revealing At CES 2012 – Codenamed “TEN”

Xbox Console 3, codenamed TEN, announced for a CES 2012 reveal! Details & Pics.

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