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Conan Exiles is survival with a hint of Conan

Conan Exiles was released just over a week ago. And it’s easily the most anticipated new survival game to release with over 1 million copies sold prior to release. The

Conan Exiles: The modern world is confusing Conan the Barbarian

Conan Exiles is less than a week away from release, and Funcom has decided to drop three fun spots featuring Conan the Barbarian going up against the modern world. Would

Conan Exiles new updates to include storing rotten corpses, then launching them with trebuchet

Conan Exiles has made headlines with its customization mode that allows players to adjust the size of their character’s penis or breasts. The game is currently in Early Access on

Conan Exiles allows you to change your character’s breast… or penis size (NSFW)

Warning, not safe for work. There are many¬†games that have allowed gamers to customize their characters, with a few even allowing them to change a female character’s breast size. (Saints