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A look into Season 2 Episode 9 of Con Man

Who doesn’t love Alan Tudyk? Honestly. Better yet, who doesn’t love his newest show, Con Man? Starring the man himself, and Nathan Fillion alongside him, these two bring lives to

Interview with cast Con Man season 2

Conventioneers can be an odd bunch. And few know this better than Alan Tudyk, star of the short-lived, yet much beloved television series Firefly. But rather than point a ridiculing

Nerd HQ 2016: Con Man’s Conversation for a Cause

This years Nerd HQ brought back the popular Conversation for a Cause panels at Nerd HQ. We were able to join the panel with the cast of Con Man with PJ Haarsma,

Alan Tudyk announces Spectrum comic book series

In what can only be described as the most meta thing I’ve heard yet today, Alan Tudyk announced today that he will be launching Spectrum, a new comic book series about the

Con Man shines with its take on convention life (web series review)

There’s a fine line between parody and mockery. And walking that line, can be a difficult task. And yet, against the odds, Alan Tudyk’s passion project Con Man, somehow manages

A sneak peek of Alan Tudyk’s ‘Con Man’

With 27 days left for his Indiegogo Campaign, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s webseries Con Man has reached over a million dollars of the $425,000 requested. With this much support for

Firefly co-stars need your help for their Indiegogo campaign ‘Con Man’

Want to see Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk back on the screen together… and ON A SPACESHIP?! Now is your chance if you help fund their Indiegogo campaign for their