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How to get Bioshock: The HD Collection for free if you already have the PC version

Nine years ago, Irrational Games and 2K games took us on a breathtaking, underwater journey through the city of Rapture and now they are re releasing the game with an

Review: Mass Effect comic collection deluxe hardcover

Perhaps one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises ever, Mass Effect contains a rich universe full of interesting characters, intricate futuristic technology, and aliens so bizarre they feel the need

Hello Hero Review (Android/iOS)

by Manny Guardado Dig out your best adventure gear and prepare for your next mobile journey with Fincon’s new title Hello Hero. The South Korean developer has taken elements from

Square Enix Announces: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Square Enix has just announced their newest remake of the Final Fantasy series. The Complete Collection will include the two exclusive items that will be available to fans who purchase