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Grid, the latest motorsport game fro Codemasters, is now available

GRID is the motorsport series from developer Codemasters, and the fourth racing game in the series is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Titled GRID, it features different

Get the briefest of glimpses of sleek car racing, GRID 2 teaser

GRID’s sweet concoction of controls and physics that have a touch of both realism and arcade-style to them made it one of my favorite games of this gen. All of

DiRT Showdown is about cars smashing each other, I think

Judging solely by this latest trailer, I think we can safely assume that there will never (ever) be a lack of car-smashing in DiRT Showdown. I’m kind of glad that

DiRT 3 Out Today. Does This Trailer Convince You to Buy It?

Yes, it is May 24th, and that means that DiRT 3 is finally out. You might be reading this at work or school, so if somehow you haven’t yet made

Dirt 3 Brings a Much-Needed Party Mode to Racing

Racing games too often stick with simply racing to a finish line as the means of entertainment. Why can’t there be more to them? Dirt 3 is here to break

DiRT 3 Trailer is Odd Yet Compelling – Slo-mo Big Air

The DiRT series is back, this time featuring the so-called Group B of rally cars that were banned in 1986 for having excessive amounts of fatal accidents because of their