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Star Wars-themed shots – Lightsaber Shots

After a weekend filled with awesome drunken times at Dragon Con, one might be looking for that bottle of Tums or a nice big glass of water. For others the

Drunkenly wander castles with a Princess Peach-inspired Martini

Our friends at Secret of the Booze do nothing but make cocktails with a theme. The latest one will help you find your way through some of the greatest castles

Mortal Kombat cocktails!

With Mortal Kombat X just around the corner, Secret of the Booze developed a drink menu that mimics the original cast of characters from the 1992 classic game. The menu includes

Guardians of the Galaxy cocktails

Some are hooked on a feeling, some are high on believing… Me, I just like booze. I am working on seeing someone about it… BUT until then we found something