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With Sierra revived, priority changes for indie versus popular titles

While news of Sierra On-Line‘s resurrection was unveiled back in Autumn of 2014, what remains consistent is that Sierra is maintaining their mission to enlisting independent developers to fill the

EA to shut down classic game servers

So earlier today EA put out a list of servers for older games that’ll be shutting down this year. Now granted this may not seem like much of a big

Rogue Legacy, it’ll kick your ass! (Review)

Ever played a game and got frustrated because you couldn’t beat a certain boss or level, since your character wasn’t high enough of a level to do it? Wuss. Rogue

Classic game Shadow Warrior now free on Steam

If you’re a fan of classic FPS games that poke fun at bad martial arts flicks, Devolver Digital has granted your grandest desires. After a promotional effort on the Facebooks

Could we see a return of backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 3?

Remember the old days when Sony focused on “backwards¬†compatibility?” The PlayStation 2 not only allowed you to play PlayStation 1 games, but also music CDs and DVDs right out of

Darkstalkers 3 coming to PSN April 24th

Darkstalkers 3 is the next PlayStation Classic that is coming to the PlayStation Network on April 24th. Darkstalkers 3 has a very unique fighting style and cast of characters that