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Tenet gets new poster after new August release date

Tenet is the next highly anticipated film from Warner Bros and director Christopher Nolan, but it has met its fair share of delays due to the current pandemic. There was

Release dates moved for Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, No Time To Die

Release dates for films and video games have been shuffling around a lot due to the current pandemic. Affected video games include The Last of Us Part II and Ghost

Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie is titled Tenet

Christopher Nolan is definitely one of Warner Bros’ favorite directors since he’s done plenty of projects for the studio like Interstellar, Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy. The studio is so

The Dark Knight Trilogy heading back to theaters

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy will return to theaters in IMAX in its original 70mm format for a limited run to celebrate Batman’s 80th birthday. Batman Begins, The Dark

Mark your calendar for July 2020 for Christopher Nolan’s new movie

Yes, Christopher Nolan, the man behind The Dark Knight Trilogy, Memento, Interstellar and Dunkirk, has a new movie coming out from Warner Bros. Get your calendar out and hold the

Interstellar- 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is the kind of film that one needs to watch multiple times in order to fully appreciate it. I’ve been told multiple times by multiple people that

Dunkirk is sweeping and intimate (review)

There are few directors today who can rival Steven Spielberg’s ability to make films that are as well-crafted and thought-provoking as they are thoroughly entertaining. These are true spectacles with

Ranking all of Christopher Nolan’s movies

Before he was the man who restored Batman to glory (and before Zack Snyder ruined him again), Christopher Nolan was best known as the auteur behind some of the most innovative and

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk gets a new trailer

Dunkirk seems like it’s going to be the most different from director Christopher Nolan’s other films. Usually his films involve a lot of mystery and a surprise twist at the

War is ugly in the teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

When we were first introduced to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, we were shown the true meaning of the word “tease.” It was definitely a teaser in every sense of the word. Today,

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives his take on the Dark Knight trilogy ending and sequel

*Spoilers ahead* Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is considered by many to be one of the best superhero franchises of all time. Some say it’s the absolute best. However, though

Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk, will be set during WWII

What’s the next film for director Christopher Nolan? We’ve seen him tackle space, Gotham, Alaska, magic, and the mind. Soon moviegoers will get to explore Nolan’s take on World War

Christopher Nolan’s breakout film Memento getting remade?

Long before his Batman trilogy and his deep space odyssey Interstellar, there was one movie that launched the Christopher Nolan name into what it has become today… and that film

Christopher Nolan to adapt live-action Akira?

Hollywood has been trying to adapt the anime masterpiece, Akira, for a while. The last we heard, Netflix’s Daredevil writer Marco Ramirez was brought on to adapt the anime as a

Christopher Nolan’s love theme in Interstellar (comic)

If you haven’t seen Interstellar, you should know that love is an important theme in Christopher Nolan’s film. There’s a scene in the film where Anne Hathaway’s character was talking

Christopher Nolan says haters need to watch Interstellar again

Interstellar is a movie that has received mixed reviews (it’s more on the positive side). For the “haters” out there, one of the things they are picking at is how the time

Disney’s Big Hero 6 triumphs over Nolan’s Interstellar

This shouldn’t be surprising to many of you. Disney’s Big Hero 6 is the number one movie over the weekend, beating out Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Big Hero 6 made an

Christopher Nolan says he was misquoted about Marvel films not being real movies

The Guardian quoted The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan of saying movies that included “comedy coda ending” aren’t real movies. The quote in particular has him saying that “a

Christopher Nolan says Marvel films aren’t real movies

Update: Nolan has responded to the news and said that he was misquoted. Marvel movie fans know to wait at the very end of the credits for a surprise post-credit

Christopher Nolan doesn’t think he’ll return to superhero movies

Christopher Nolan has done something very special to the world of superhero movies. We’ve had movies before with some serious subject matter, like X-Men with its topic about equality, but Nolan created the