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Chris Pine jealous of Benedict Cumberbatch and wasn’t a fan of Star Trek

I like Chris Pine for his honesty here. If I was the main character in a movie and my fellow co-star has fans screaming his/her name, I’d be jealous too.

The Captains: A Film by William Shatner – Review

The Captains, a film by William Shatner review. Movie stills and review of the film.

Star Trek 2 – Five Things JJ Abrams Would Say

As action packed, energized, mysterious, insatiable, and alien-like JJ Abrams may be, his movies are quite calm and humanizing. You’d think that with all his success he’d call a quits

Captain Kirk Will Get a Love Interest in Star Trek 2

Update: So it seems that it was just a rumor and a Facebook imposter posted the news that Kirk was getting a love interest, according to TrekMovie.com. Orci has also

Jack Ryan: Manhood Salvaged!

Tom Clancy’s famous character, Jack Ryan, is set to be back in theaters with actor Chris Pine to play the part!

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