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PDP Gaming Ultra Slim Charge System review

Performance Designed Products, better known as PDP, began as a company in California back in the late 1990s. Flash forward to now, and they are disrupting the gaming peripheral industry with

Belkin Boost Up 15W Rapid Wireless Charging Pad

The Belkin Boost UP 15W Rapid Wireless Charging Pad is one of the most popular 3rd party QI chargers available. I recently received one and tested it out to see how

Review: Nyko Charge Blocks

Wow! It feels like E3 was so long ago, when in reality it has just been a few months. While at this year’s E3, I was fortunate enough to sit down

TechOrbits introduces wireless charger with 8 USB charging ports

As wireless technology becomes more and more common, it comes to no surprise that wireless charging would be the next wave of technology to come. It’s not technically new but

Review: Cheero Power Plus 3

  The folks that brought us the Danbo charger is back with a new charger, Power Plus 3. And just like the Danbo charger, it carries a large charge on

Review: Luster Mini 3000mah external battery pack

The Luster Mini 3000mah external battery pack is a stylish portable charger that fulfills anyone’s need of on-the-go use. With the convenience, this battery pack comes with a lot of

What’s the Wankband?

If you think the good ol’ people at PornHub were just a one trick pony, think again. Their scientists have been hard at work on a project that just might change and

Review: Cheero Danbo charger

Cheero has recently released a new charger. This isn’t a normal charger, and it looks like it is aiming to please the anime and manga fans, especially those that love of Yotsuba&!. The

ECBC Hercules backpack and Travelpak+

I am excited to tell you about two new products that are out: the ECBC Hercules backpack and the new Travelpak+. First is the ECBC Hercules backpack, a laptop backpack