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CES 2014: Lenovo

During CES, Lenovo showed off its Horizon table PC, an all-in-one PC that also doubles as a gaming board of sorts. You can play games like Monopoly, Texas Hoodlum, or

CES 2014: BMW + Thermaltake’s new gaming mouse announcement

So Thermaltake and BMW at CES 2014 announced a new gaming mouse, the Level M 10 Hybrid. Now before I even start talking about it, just take a good long

Videogame BANG! Episode 14: CES, Steamy box, and Marvel Trivia

What’s up, Pizzas! CES is here and we have lots to talk about! Most importantly what’s up with the price of the McDouble?! It used to be 99 cents. Thanks,

CES 2014: NR Round-Up

CES 2014. For the past decade, the International CES (Consumer Electronics Symposium) has served as the main stage for technology that is looking to being made available for the public.

CES 2014: Soul Headphones presents Tim Tebow and Brendan ‘The Hybrid’ Schaub

Soul’s CEO, Lan Kennedy-Davis, started the press conference by introducing Soul Electronics’ friends and partners: Tim Tebow, Brendan “The Hybrid” Schaub and Gary So. Tim Tebow is widely known as an NFL

CES 2014: Monster brings out the Shaq-Fu with their new line-ups

Monster is strong as ever with their new star-studded line-up of products at this year’s CES. We’ve had surprise guest appearances in the past which included Nick Cannon, Xzibit, Drew

CES 2014: Anker showcases Power IQ technology for their external batteries

CEO of Anker Japan, Yoshitsune Ido, gave us a personal demo of their Power IQ technology during the Pepcom Digital Experience. Anker is widely known for selling their portable batteries

Nerdreactor at CES 2014: The Preview

I had a vision, to show the world just what CES is really about. Some may think it’s a week of tech, geek, nerd, and all the like. Well, it

CES 2014: Steelseries – Stratus and Sensei Wireless

Yet again, we’re here at CES, in the bright and beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Our adventure this year begins with our favorite PC peripherals provider, Steelseries. If you remember last

NVIDIA’s new Tegra chip might just change mobile gaming

Clocking in at 192 CUDA cores is Nvidia’s new TEGRA K1 Mobile Graphics Chip. Announced just in time for the Consumer Electronic Show, the K1 has support from Epic with

CES 2013 – Impressions from a weary survivor

The Nerd Reactor crew has survived yet another week-long ordeal at CES (Consumer Electronics Show.) Talk about being victim to the things you love, because at this concluding day of

CES: LG making your life smarter and easier

Other than showcasing the typical technology like televisions, PC monitors, and cell phones, LG Electronics also showcased the smart homes. Inside these smart homes are fridges that can tell you

CES: Monster taking music to a different level

Monster has always been in the forefront of the music scene when it comes to accessories; for example, manufacturing Beats by Dre. While both companies have gone their separate ways, Monster

Reactor-Tech Episode 1.5: Return from CES

How does spending a week in Vegas, surrounded by fellow nerds, the latest in electronics, and free swag sound? Well, our boys at Nerdreactor.com took a trip yet again this

CES: Digital Storm, custom rigs to the Extreme!

During CES 2013 we had a chance to meet up with Digital Storm and look at their latest custom rig you will ever need, the ARES. Walking into the sweet

Best of CES 2013: Unleash your inner Dragon with MSI

CES 2013 bought with it a plethora of manufacturers claiming to have the best of the best. While few can deliver on such presumptions, MSI has promised, delivered, and with

CES: Griffin – ‘They do everything’

Griffin can always think ahead and take what’s in the market and not only just make it better, but take it to the next level. At CES 2013 they had

CES: The Sportiiiis & Viiiiva from 4iiii Innovations

In the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of devices that will help you track and analyze your daily workout. We’ve seen everything from censors in your watches, shoes,

CES: Sonic Emotion

When it comes to gaming, movies, or music, all of us want a premium sound system, but not have it cost us an arm and a leg. Blu-ray movies as

CES: Soul Headphones

While at CES 2013 we had a chance to meet up with Soul and talk headphones. Soul is a relatively new company when it comes to headphones, but has been