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Rosewill Thor V2 Gaming Case (review)

There’s no better feeling in the world than completing your very own computer build, from the countless hours you spend researching your hardware to screwing in the very last HDD

CES 2014: Evutec using Wood and Kevlar to protect your phones and tablets

You know, I am not going to lie. When I heard that Evutec is using Kevlar for their line of smart phone and tablet cases, a part of me wanted

CES 2014: RooCASE offering protecting for all your tech with style

A huge part of CES will always be the new technology that we will be seeing either in the next few weeks or the coming years. But that isn’t just

Evutec – Karbon S Series for Galaxy SIII (Review)

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S4 is the currently running model of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, many people are still using their Galaxy SIIIs. And while the Evutec website itself

PDP/Afterglow Press Tour

Performance Designed Products is the manufacturer of the Afterglow line of headsets and controllers, gave us a tour on some accessories that are coming out this year. First up was