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Evutec – Karbon S Series for Galaxy SIII (Review)

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S4 is the currently running model of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, many people are still using their Galaxy SIIIs. And while the Evutec website itself

Rockform protects your Galaxy III with the Rokbed v3

I have always bought some sort of protector for my phones due to it being dropped or damaged. My number one priority when it comes to buying a new phone

Review: Wrap your GS3 like a mummy with Musubo Mummy case

I got a chance to review Musubo’s Mummy case and I found it amazing! While I waited for my Galaxy S3 to come in I transferred my mom’s Galaxy S3

CES 2012: Case-Mate and Nerds?

Case-Mate and nerds? Of course that’s a great combination because Nerds love their phone devices being protected in a stylish nerdy way. Besides phone cases with various designs that you

Ballistic, Feel Free to Drop Your Devices

Ballistic, infamous provider of the industry’s toughest and hardest phone cases has opened up to us at CES 2012 and shown us just how much of a beating their products