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Cars 2 Review: Cars Harder

Cars 2 was an interesting movie. A followup to Pixar’s Cars, this movie was an entertaining watch, however it’s not what I’d expect from Pixar. It’s almost like Micheal Bay

Cars 2 Is Pixar’s First Rotten Movie

Just seeing that title makes me sad. Cars 2 opens today in theaters, and it will be Pixar’s first rotten movie at Rotten Tomatoes. As of June 24, 2011, it’s

Hero Complex Film Fest Sunday

The final day of the four day LA Time‘s Hero Complex Film Festival, began with a screening of Pixar‘s superhero animation, ‘The Incredibles.‘ That was then followed by a special

‘Cars 2’ Trailer 3 Hits Quicktime HD

Apple has the third trailer in High Definition Quicktime for Pixar’s Cars 2. This trailer shows more of the close friendship between Mater and Lightning McQueen and the story shift

JPop Girl Band PERFUME to Be Featured in CARS 2

Here’s a cool news for J-pop fans. Disney has announced that Perfume, the popular Japanese girl group, will have their song “Polyrhythm” featured in Pixar’s Cars 2. The song will

Cars 2 Clip Featuring Finn McMissile and WonderCon 2011 Pics

Here is a clip for Cars 2 featuring Finn McMissile escaping certain danger as he manuevers around a car park ramp. And if you missed out on WonderCon 2011, Pixar

Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Worldwide Trailer Debut

Here’s the new trailer debut for Disney/Pixar Cars 2, directed by John Lasseter. Speed demon Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and friends are back as he tries to win the World

Cars 2: Meet Carla Veloso

Disney has released a new character poster and information for Carla Veloso for Pixar’s Cars 2. Carla Veloso World Grand Prix contender Carla Veloso hails from Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Cars 2 New and Returning Cars Posters, Bios and Showroom Turntables

Disney has released a lot of new image posters, character showroom turntables and character bios for Cars 2. Check out the cast including newcomers Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell and

Cars 2: Here’s a Look at Lightning McQueen and His Pit Crew

Disney has released some new character posters for Cars 2 featuring Lightning McQueen and his pit crew Fillmore, Guido, Luigi, Mack and Sarge. Cars 2 will take you on an

Cars 2 Teaser Trailer Gets Involved in International Espionage

Disney and Pixar has released the teaser trailer for Cars 2, starring Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy as Mater as they try to become world

Debut of Cars 2 Poster and Photo of Lightning McQueen and Mater

Disney is on a roll today with releasing posters for the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides poster and now Cars 2 Poster and photos of Lightning McQueen