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Sign up for beta and learn how to play Elder Scrolls: Legends

What hasn’t the Elder Scrolls franchise done? They did Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and even an Elder Scrolls online game called, Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. But now

Terrene Odyssey, party-based card combat game (review)

If you didn’t think there was a way to blend a turn-based RPG and card battle game, Terrene Odyssey does exactly that. Terrene Odyssey is a card-based game that has

Terrene Odyssey, a party-based card combat game

Sacramento Anime Convention (SacAnime) exposed me to new things this year, and one of them was a card game called Terrene Odyssey. It’s a party-based card combat game with a battle system based on

Hand of Fate Early Access impressions

Hand of Fate, a game by Defiant Development, combines multiple genres into a blend of familiar gameplay elements that meld the best aspects of these other genres. Currently, the game

Star Trek – TNG coming to Infinity Wars [TCG]

If you haven’t been aware of the digital card game Infinity Wars, they’re about to unleash a big expansion to their game! They’re adding Star Trek‘s Federation and Klingon factions

Adventure Time Card Game coming soon

For those of you who are not only Adventure Time fans, but also fans of the card game episode Card Wars, you’re in luck. A company called Cryptozoic is making

Idea Factory bringing Monster Monpiece over to the West

Not your typical game in anyway, Idea Factory plans on releasing the PlayStation Vita card game, Monster Monpiece, over to the West and Europe in Spring 2014 via the PlayStation

Blizzard’s HearthStone now in Open Beta

Many people suspected HearthStone was already in Open Beta several months ago, but only the fortunately handful were able to try out Blizzard’s newest addition to their group of games,

Kickstart This: Elemental Blast

Elemental Blast is a card game for 3-7 players, created by Gregory Hingle, that is on Kickstarter right now and is in its final week. As Greg described it to me,

Awkward Conversations #45 – Interview with Erik Dahlman and Shane Tyree

Download l Previous Episodes On a special edition of Awkward Conversations, hosts Bad Touch Bat Boy and Darth Boobs interview artist Shane Tyree and Erik Dahlman on their latest project,

Blizzard reveals F2P card game at PAX East

Blizzard teased a while back during the PS4 conference that they had “something different” planned for PAX East, which got imaginations running wild. Was it a completely new video game

YU-GI-OH! 5D’S Decade Duels plus avaliable for PS3 and Xbox 360

Back in November 2010 Konami released YU-GI-OH! 5D’S Decade Duels for the Xbox 360. Decade duels gave duelists a way to test out decks and earn new cards by dueling in

For The Duelists Out There, Here is What Konami Has For Us

Rolling off the success of the new Storm of Ragnarok release, Konami has just announced a full line up that will keep us busy until World Championship in Tokyo. First


After the excitement we had over the weekend, Konami has decided to surprise us some more with the announcement of the next installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card video game

It’s Time to Duel – Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganza

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Extravaganza will take place in Los Angeles Convention Center on the 22nd and 23rd of January, which is only a week away. For those of you who still

Yu-Gi-Oh Gold Series 3 Overview

Gold Series 3 This booster brings us easier access to several archetypes, some highly desired staple cards, and reprints of some Yu-Gi-Oh video game exclusive cards. This set contains the

Duelist Revolution Overview

This new booster set contains a lot more than meets the eyes. This set features a brand new Archetype named “Scrap.” Also, this set introduces further support for archetypes like

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2010 Day 1 Recaps

The tournament of the year is here. This year’s World Championship is held at the Long Beach Convention Center, just as it had been for the past few years. Aside