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Google designs and builds its first self-driving vehicle

By Michael Uribe Today Google has decided to show off its new prototype self-driving vehicles. The vehicles are designed to operate safely and autonomously with no input needed from the

Ford’s 2013 MyFord Touch Upgrades

Last weekend in Deerborn, Michigan, we were flown out to see what new goodies Ford has to offer on their new 2013 models. One of these upgrades was the update

Formula D With NOS: Energy!

Drifting, a term that I had previously thought to be an excuse for poor turning. Thanks to our friends at NOS: Energy Drink, NerdReactor.com was able to attend Formalu D

Boondock Saints II Car for Sale

Wow, I’ve been reporting on a lot of movie or custom cars lately.  This time on the menu is the 1972 VW Beetle from the cult classic Boondock Saints sequel.

Batmobile for Sale!

Looks like the gas prices are so high that even the Dark Knight is selling off his ride on ebay.  At the moment of writing this article the bid has

CES 2011: Fulton Innovation Taking Wireless Power to the Next Level

The Fulton Innovation CES booth demonstrated an array of wireless power applications ranging from low power device charging to intelligent high power home and car control loop scenarios that seemed