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Brie Larson believes Captain Marvel can beat up Superman

Ever since superheroes have existed, fans have been comparing different superheroes to see who’s stronger, faster or better? Who would win in a fight, Namor or Aquaman? Is Tony Stark

Samuel L. Jackson responds to Captain Marvel controversy

Captain Marvel is hitting theaters this Friday, and the hype is getting bigger. With excitement, there is also controversy, especially when Brie Larson made comments about how there are too

Captain Marvel becomes Fandango’s top presales movie after Avengers: Infinity War

Captain Marvel has been a heated topic as of late, especially with angry fans adding negative comments on Rotten Tomatoes due to Brie Larson saying that there are too many

The Mary Sue gets backlash for saying all negative Captain Marvel reviews are from men

Captain Marvel has been a topic of controversy ever since Brie Larson commented about how press events had too many white men. This led to angry fans putting negative comments

Captain Marvel reviews are up with mainly positive reviews

Captain Marvel has been the subject of controversy before it’s even coming out into theaters. Brie Larson made a comment about how there are too many white men at the

Captain Marvel Review

As we reach an era of where the Hollywood is embracing more inclusiveness, Marvel and DC have led the way in showing Hollywood that you don’t have to follow the norms

Brie Larson on Captain Marvel’s smiling controversy and film’s response to that

There have been fans upset about Brie Larson not showing enough emotions in the Captain Marvel trailers. One of the emotions not prominent in the trailers was smiling. The actress

Captain Marvel is front and center of Iron Man and Captain America in Avengers: Endgame promo art

Actress Brie Larson has been receiving a lot of flak over her comment about wanting more diversity at press events, which led to users giving negative comments on Rotten Tomatoes.

Shazam’s Zachary Levi urges fans to stop hating on Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has been receiving a lot of flak as of late, especially with Brie Larson’s comments about how there are a lot of white men at press events. She

Captain Marvel brings back ’90s craze with Magic Eye posters

Remember the craze of Magic Eye in the ’90s? I remember looking at these in the back of cereal boxes, and they look like colorful patterns to the naked eye.

Rotten Tomatoes removes early audience reviews after Captain Marvel and Star Wars review bombing

It’s been a crazy time for Disney, especially with its upcoming Captain Marvel and Star Wars: Episode IX films. Captain Marvel presales are doing better than Wonder Woman and Aquaman,

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson explains she doesn’t want to take seats away from certain groups

Captain Marvel is coming to theaters early next month, and it has been receiving lots of praises from critics on social media and its presales have beaten Wonder Woman, Deadpool and

Captain Marvel is beating Wonder Woman and Aquaman in presales

Captain Marvel is coming to theaters next month, and it has already been receiving flak over Brie Larson’s comments about white men. This resulted in angry fans bombing Rotten Tomatoes

Carol Danvers is compared with Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor in Captain Marvel TV spot

The world of Captain Marvel is filled with hope and anger. Critics have been raving about Captain Marvel on social media, and there have been angry fans blasting the film

Captain Marvel to start off with ‘touching Stan Lee tribute’

Stan Lee, the legendary comic book icon, has passed away last year, but the man has had a lasting impact on many fans out there. After all, he was the co-creator of

Critics are praising Captain Marvel in first wave of reactions

Captain Marvel has been getting some flak from angry fans due to her comments about white men. This even resulted in them giving negative “reviews” on Rotten Tomatoes. Now that

Angry fans give Captain Marvel negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

There is a lot of hype surrounding Captain Marvel. The official trailer has over 50 million views since September 18, 2018, and the film has become Fandango’s Top Three MCU First

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson wants more inclusiveness for press events due to majority white men

Brie Larson is playing Carol Danvers, the hero in the upcoming Captain Marvel from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the movie marks the first female superhero standalone film from Marvel

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson pushes 5,000-pound jeep, plus new featurette

When it comes to playing superheroes, we know that many actors have trained hard to look like they’re capable of superhuman feats. Brie Larson has been training hard for her

Avengers: Endgame directors on dealing with an overpowered Captain Marvel

Superman is one of the most powerful characters in DC, and the Russo brothers have mentioned before on how the Man of Steel is a “difficult character,” which makes it