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Capcom working to fix online issues with Street Fighter V

Capcom is pretty aware that there are issues with Street Fighter V. In the first two days, I’ve been disconnected from the servers over and over, wasn’t able to connect

Breath of Fire III PSP version coming to PlayStation Network

In a post on Capcom Unity, it’s been confirmed that the PlayStation Portable version of Breath of Fire III will be released next month for the price of $9.99 on

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Monster Hunter Caravan Tour

Last weekend I was one of the many who got to spend some time with Monster Hunter 4’s very own Caravan as a part of the Capcom Monster Hunter Caravan

Photos and Video from Street Fighter Fight Club LA

Recently Los Angeles once again played host to another one of Capcom‘s fantastic Fight Clubs. This one had it all, everything: Street Fighter Third Strike, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

Capcom Announces Mega Mega Legends 3: Prototype Version

For those of you who recently got their hands on the Nintendo 3DS you got something more to look forward to!  Capcom has officially announced that Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype