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Buzzfeed’s Try Guys come to Anime Expo 2015

The infamous Buzzfeed Try Guys are now taking a step into trying cosplay! At Anime Expo 2015, Eugene, Keith, Ned, and Zach will attend this year’s Masquerade in their very

What it’s like to not watch Game of Thrones

It seems like everybody and their moms are watching Game of Thrones, but just imagine a world where there are those who aren’t caught up in the political and violent

Disney Princes would not make great boyfriends in real life

BuzzFeed has just released this video over the weekend, and it has already received over 2.4 million views. That goes to show you that people still love Disney topics. The

BuzzFeed addresses the ‘fake geek girl’ issue in its latest video

The clickbait, millennial-driven media site BuzzFeed has been on a roll lately with its slew of new videos. The latest video drives a certain point home about the rampant sexism