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Behind the Music: An Interview with SuperMansion Composer Kurt Oldman

The stop-motion animated series SuperMansion first premiered in 2013 as a quarter-hour pilot for Adult Swim, under the original name Übermansion. It then had a name change and moved to

You won’t know what hits you when you see ‘The Disaster Artist’ teaser

Many years ago, back in 2003, legend tells of a film that was made that defied all logic and comprehension. The many people who experienced the film expressed how much this film

Stan Lee on why Black Panther is his most anticipated Marvel film

White Castle inducted Stan Lee into the Cravers Hall of Fame during the grand opening of Excelsior Collectibles in Brea, CA, on April 15th. The Marvel legend made a special

The new Power Rangers trailer is here and it’s pretty damn awesome

The newest Power Rangers trailer has just been released in time to try and squash all the negative rumors that have been thrown towards the film. In the trailer, we finally

Why Him? Review

For as long as I can remember, raunchy R-rated comedies that come out during the holiday season is a very rare thing. However, there’s been a new crop of raunchy

Get ready for Franco vs. Cranston in the red-band trailer for ‘Why Him?’

The holidays are supposed to be a time for peace and family get-togethers. That is, until someone in your family screws that up and make everything super awkward for everyone.

NYCC 2016: First Power Rangers trailer looks amazing!

The new Power Rangers Official Teaser Trailer has been released courtesy of New York City Comic Con and it looks amazing! It has a feel of the Breakfast Club meets Chronicle,

The Infiltrator Review

As we’ve learned from Netflix’s “Narcos,” Pablo Escobar is not a person you want to mess with. There are plenty of stories out there involving Escobar and Robert Mazur’s book

It’s Bryan Cranston vs. James Franco in the red band trailer for ‘Why Him?’

If you’re a parent, the one thing that you dread is the day that you meet the love of your child’s life. Understandably, many things could run through your mind

Bryan Cranston on why he’s doing the Power Rangers movie

One of the biggest news for the Power Rangers movie was the casting of Bryan Cranston as Zordon. This isn’t the first time he’s involved in a Power Rangers project

Bryan Cranston cast to play Zordon in upcoming Power Rangers film

I am the one who knocks…from door to door, looking for teens with attitude. In a tweet released earlier today by Heisenberg, himself, Bryan Cranston announced to the world that he would

Bryan Cranston narrates explicit children’s book, ‘You Have to F***ing Eat!’

From the people who brought you Go The [email protected]#k To Sleep comes an new book that is clearly not made for children, You Have to F#$king Eat. The new book is

Hilarious Godzilla vs. Breaking Bad animated trailer

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, turn away now, because the Godzilla vs. Walter White video contains heavy spoilers. If you’re caught up, then enjoy the short animated trailer poking

Godzilla Review: The King of the Monsters has returned

Words can’t express the level of anticipation I have had for Gareth Edward’s film. I have numerous fond memories of Godzilla growing up, having watched Toho’s movies many times and

5 new Godzilla clips to get you pumped for May 16th

The time is almost here, folks! May 16th is just right around the corner and Godzilla fans are starting to get antsy. I, myself, was lucky enough to see the

Godzilla extended trailer showcases mass destruction

Today a new trailer for Godzilla has been released and it is amazing! Right from the start, there are a few things that seem intentionally shown. It begins in what

Cranson and Olsen in talks for Godzilla franchise!

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House) are in talks with Legendary Pictures for the upcoming reboot of Godzilla. The script is being written by Frank Darabont (The