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Disney princesses as dolls bring animated scenes to life

You can say that Nerd Reactor loves Disney and its princesses. The last Disney Princesses gallery we covered was the one featuring the princesses illustrated in the manga style. There

Cosplay Spotlight: Angela Bermúdez as Merida from Brave

Now here’s a cool cosplay photo featuring Angela Bermúdez as the fiery redhead, Merida, from Pixar’s Brave. This is for an upcoming fan film. I don’t see too many Disney

Hidden Easter Eggs in Pixar’s Brave

For those of you that can’t get enough of Pixar’s Brave, check out the Easter Eggs found in the animated film here. Take a look at the above and below

Pixar’s Brave gets a first clip

Here’s the first clip from Pixar’s Brave called “Fergus Shares a Legend.” In the clip, King Fergus tells a story to the family while his kids are mocking him. Merida

New Pixar’s Brave trailer

Disney has released the newest trailer for Pixar’s Brave titled Families Legend. We finally get a better understanding of the actual story for Brave, or at least what the plot

Pixar’s Brave story featurette ‘Brave Stories’

Here’s a featurette for Pixar’s Brave giving us hints on the actual story. Merida, a Scottish princess, just wants to be free to do what she wants. Because of her

Zelda and Pixar Summer orchestra concerts arriving soon

Arriving locally and for some, nationally, are two summer concerts worth being entertained by: The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses and Pixar In Concert. If you have ever

Pixar’s Brave has a new theatrical trailer

I’m looking forward to Pixar’s latest offering, Brave, and it’s not because of the trailers. So far they haven’t sold me yet on the movie, but since it’s Pixar, I

Pixar’s Brave Gets a Trailer

I’m not sold on the story for this movie yet, but it’s Pixar, and I’m a sucker for Pixar movies. Well everything except for Cars 2. Here’s the trailer for

D23 Expo: Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Preview Description

During the Walt Disney Studios presentation, we were treated to a preview of Pixar’s next film, Brave.  This movie will feature many firsts for Pixar, like making a fairy tale

New Teaser Trailer for Disney Pixar’s ‘BRAVE’

Attached to Cars 2 this past weekend, the first teaser trailer for Disney/Pixar’s Brave was released online! I’m a Fantasy/Renaissance/Celtic nut, and I cannot wait to see more from this!

New High Quality Image of Merida of Pixar’s Brave

It doesn’t even feel like Cars 2 just opened today, with so many updates coming from Pixar’s next movie, Brave, which takes place in Scotland. We have recently posted four

New Poster for Disney/PIXAR’s ‘BRAVE’

Disney/PIXAR has released a new poster for their upcoming animated film, BRAVE. I see this film as Disney’s response to the success of How to Train Your Dragon, which is anything

4 Pictures of Concept Artwork for Pixar’s Next Movie, ‘Brave’

Oh man, looking forward to a Disney/Pixar movie that’s NOT a sequel, and now we Brave. We have these 4 pictures of concept artwork for the animated movie. Brave takes