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Captain Marvel rakes over $20 million for Thursday night opening

Brie Larson has upset a lot of fans with her comments about there being too many white men at the press events, and this led to them giving Captain Marvel

Spider-Man: Homecoming beats Wonder Woman with $823m worldwide

Spider-Man: Homecoming is Sony’s second reboot for the web crawler, and it has been a successful one. Imagine that, teaming up with Marvel Studios, a company that has a great track

‘It’ opens big for horror movie with $123 million

Nothing like a film with a creepy clown to jump start the domestic box office weekend. It has opened with $123 million, breaking many records including the biggest September opening,

Beauty and the Beast reviews reveal some flaws

Currently, the new live-action Beauty and the Beast is not sweeping headlines with glowing reviews of its return to glory. Scheduled for release on March 17, Disney’s reimagining of the

Civil War has 5th best domestic opening box office weekend of all time

Say what you will about superhero movies, they’ve certain been successful at bringing in the big bucks for studios, especially Disney. This past weekend, the star-studded-and-spangled release of Captain America:

The Jungle Book demolishes Huntsman at box office

The Jungle Book may be finishing its second weekend in theaters, but there’s no denying its momentum; it pulled in $60.8 million across the United States, leaving The Huntsman: Winter’s

Jurassic World beats Avengers with domestic record of $208.8M in Box Office final tally

Looks like there HAS to be a sequel now! Jurassic World annihilated the box office with a final tally of $208.8M, breaking records including the North American, international, and global

Man of Steel opens big at the box office; beats Superman Returns but falls behind Iron Man 3

For you DC and Superman fans out there, you should be happy to know that Man of Steel kicked ass at the box office. During its opening weekend, the movie

‘Contagion’ Tops Box Office while ‘Bucky Larson’ Was Born to be a Dud

Contagion now takes the top spot during this weekend’s box office with $23.1 million across 3,900 screens. Even though it’s number one, the budget was an estimated $60 million, and