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What are three great horror-themed Board James episodes?

Cinemassacre is best known for the Angry Video Game Nerd series, starring James Rolfe. But longtime channel followers also loved Board James, where Rolfe took viewers back to the past

Ghostbusters: The Board Game review

By Xchel Monroy One has to wonder if great movies can really make for a good board game. Well in this one, it sure has. The Ghostbusters board game from

Orcs Must Die! (Kickstarter)

I’m reporting on this Kickstarter for two reasons: a) The Backer rewards are great. b) The boardgame developers made Cthulu Wars. Whether you’re a fan of the hit game Orcs

A Terrible Time: The Party Game Where Everyone Loses (review)

A Terrible Time is a combination of Charades, Cards Against Humanity, and Pictionary. This game is best played with friends who have no shame, since it may end very badly. It’s not

Jenga Boom… the most intense game you will ever play

I am a gamer… A BOARD gamer. I own a wide variety of games and yes, I host a bimonthly game night with my friends. That’s how much of a