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The new Braven BRV-XXL rugged boombox style speaker looks awesome and nostalgic

By Ryan Romeos Braven is known for its small portable speakers which produce big sound, but what happens when it makes a large portable speaker? Well, the new Braven BRV-XXL is

Floating Death Star Speaker will obliterate your eardrums

“That’s no moon, it’s a space sta….wait…it’s a speaker.” If you’ve had trouble finding an awesome new Bluetooth speaker, you’ve been looking in Alderaan places. You can now own a

Review: Inateck BP-2001 Portable Bluetooth speaker

As the month of August draws near its close, people everywhere are scrambling to get in their last cottage weekends. While the fishing rods and BBQ equipment are the first

Enjoy shower karaoke? Check out Abco Tech Water Resistant Speakers

While singing in shower is a pleasure enjoyed by many, having genuine musical accompaniment during your personal hygiene routine can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. The bathroom environment

Divoom Onbeat-X1 The Ultimate Portable Bluetooth Gaming Speaker

The Divoom Onbeat-X1 The Ultimate Portable Bluetooth Gaming Speaker is a great piece of equipment that is so compact, it can fit in your pocket and is priced at only

Satechi BT TOUCH Wireless Speaker Review

  Today we’ll be reviewing the BT Touch Handsfree Wireless Portable Speaker from Satechi. Now before we jump right into it, here are the specifications for this amazing piece of