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BlizzCon 2011 Report – Cosplaying Babes and More Goodiness

BlizzCon 2011 is now over, but we have some exciting things to share with you when the event took over the Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend, October 21 and

The Girls of BlizzCon 2011

As Blizzcon 2011 comes to an end. We here at Nerd Reactor believe it is of utmost importance to show our audience the radiant beauties that graced the BlizzCon floor. With over 100 cosplayers

Blizzcon 2011: Starcraft 2 Grandfinal Results

Hectic as it was glorious. Jonghyun Jung – IMMVP (Terran) took Blizzcon by storm with a decisive 4-1 victory over Jaeduk Lim IMNestea (Zerg). After losing to IMNestea in the

Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Announced

Its that time of year again, BlizzCon is upon us and with that news on anything Blizzard is bound to come. And one of the news I have been waiting

Blizzcon 2011 Day One

A storm has risen at the convention center in Anaheim California, as Blizzcon 2011 kicks off with an incredibly strong start. Heading off with the two major announcements including the

Diablo III Public Beta Impressions

  Disclaimer: This is an impression based on the current beta in development and are merely thoughts of what it offers at the moment. It does not accurately describe the

It Has Begun! Diablo III Closed Beta Currently Testing

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the action role-playing game Diablo III Closed Beta Testing has now begun. This means that the game is in the final stages of development and

Diablo 3: Digital Farmwars

Blizzard has once again taken digital addiction to the next level. World of Warcraft has always been plagued by those who are lovingly (sarcasm) called “Chinese” Farmers. Now don’t get

World of Joyland – A Blizzard Themed Park

If you thought that it couldn’t get much sweeter for Blizzard fans, well think again. G4TV is reporting that the images of “World Joyland” are emerging. Now the amusement park

World of Warcraft Begins Unlimited Trials

Blizzard has announced that it is doing away with their previous ten day trial. With WOW’s unsurpassed presence in the MMO realm, this comes to almost no surprise.

Want to Go to BlizzCon 2011? Look Out for These Dates

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the two dates that fans will be able to purchase tickets for BlizzCon 2011, the sixth convention hosted by Blizzard. The two dates are Saturday, May

It’s Blizzard’s 20th Birthday!

There’s a lot of Birthday bashing going around these days. Mario’s was last year, Zelda was just a few weeks ago, Street Fighter 2 turned 20 Yesterday (March 2nd), and

How Would You Like Diablo 3 on Your PS3, Xbox 360?

Yes, Blizzard is interested in bringing its games to consoles. While I’m sure they’d be interested in bringing anything and everything, they feel that Diablo 3 is the easiest to

More BlizzCon 2010 Photos

You want them? Now you have them. We have more BlizzCon 2010 photos for your viewing pleasure. That Kerrigan statue is a looker. Thanks to Janet Wang for the photos.

Valve and Blizzard, Fighting Over Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA)

Valve and Blizzard, two of the biggest game developers for PC, have just recently begun what could become a years-long feud. Defense of the Ancients, or “Dota” as it is

Diablo 3 Gameplay and the 5th Class Revealed

As many of you know yesterday was opening day at BlizzCon. You can read about my day here. This post is mainly focused on the gameplay of Diablo 3. Diablo 3

BlizzCon 2010! Day One with Gallery

Today was an exciting day for me. I went to my very first BlizzCon, and it was of great! I was so excited that I couldn’t get any sleep because

Tenacious D to Perform at BlizzCon in Anaheim

In just less than two weeks, the sold-out BlizzCon will be back in Anaheim on October 22-23. BlizzCon is the destination for everything Blizzard, including StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. To

Blizzard Reveals New Caravan Feature For Diablo III

Two days ago over in Cologne, Germany, Blizzard showcased a new gameplay feature for the much anticipated Diablo III. The new word of the day is Caravan! This new feature

World of Warcraft is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Well in this case, you do know what your going to get! The anticipated third expansion to the worlds most popular MMORPG (massive multilayer online role playing game) is now closer then