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Loot Crate November 2015 Combat Box Review

It’s the end of the month and that means it’s time for Loot Crates to be delivered to nerds all across America. I’m not a hardcore subscription box subscriber dude,

Overwatch Beta: Genji Review

As a first Overwatch character review here at Nerd Reactor, let me just say that all of this information and experience is coming from the Closed Beta. The account is provided

Hearthstone: League of Explorers ‘Temple of Osiris’ review

So a week has nearly passed and our search for the “Staff of Origination” has stepped into its second phase. Having a full week to try a few of these

Hearthstone: League of Explorers ‘Discover’ mechanic explained

Blizzard’s recent reveal of Hearthstone’s new adventure League of Explorers, brings with it 45 new cards and a mechanic that’s possibly one of the best recent additions to the game. With Hearthstone currently

Hearthstone gets a brand new adventure in League of Explorers

Hearthstone fans have something to look forward to, as Blizzard announced a new expansion to the game during BlizzCon this past weekend. The new adventure comes swinging to us as League of Explorers,

Overwatch, will it become an eSport?

If you’ve been keeping up with Blizzard news and this weekend’s Blizzcon 2015, it’s quite apparent that eSports is the main focus of competitive play behind every title this company

Blizzard’s Overwatch coming spring 2016

Blizzard Entertainment has announced during BlizzCon that Overwatch, the highly-anticipated new IP team-based shooter, is coming in spring 2016. It will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC,

Hearthstone’s new Brawl Mode: Unite against Mechazod!

I think we can all agree that Hearthstone, Blizzard’s addictive digital card game, seems to be their magnum opus; an entertaining game that just somehow keeps people coming back for

BlizzCon’s eSports schedule for 2015

It’s just about that time of the year when Blizzard fans and the pros who play these iconic titles meet for a weekend of intense gaming, music, activities, and whatever

Blizzard’s Overwatch Beta starts October 27

Overwatch is the highly-anticipated FPS multiplayer game from Blizzard. Now gamers can get a sneak peek on the game via the closed beta, which starts on October 27th in North America.

Blizzard hiring for ‘unannounced’ project

“Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the most epic games in the world, is seeking an exceptionally skilled and passionate art director to help develop Blizzard’s next hit game!” With a

Diablo 3’s double cache weekend

You really have to love the way that Blizzard is somehow still managing to keep Diablo 3 alive and kicking. With the release of the 2.3 patch, it brought a

Why I’m addicted to Hearthstone, again

The early morning sunrise peeked through the blinds, and before I was able to get out of bed and stretch, I already knew what I had to do. I opened

Hearthstone Expansion: The Grand Tournament is here

It’s been months of waiting after the initial announcement by Blizzard, but Hearthstone finally has its second major expansion, The Grand Tournament. We see a total of 132 new cards, including

Duck Hunt game hidden inside menu of Heroes of the Storm

With every new hero added to the Heroes of the Storm roster there comes a new and unique menu screen. Earlier last week, Kharazim, the Monk from Diablo 3 was

Heroes of the Storm – Kharazim spotlight

As we saw originally from Gamescon last week, Blizzard has announced the next character for Heroes of The Storm, Kharazim, the Veradani Monk. He will be the first melee support hero

Exclusive rewards for players in both Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3

Cross-game rewards anyone? Since Heroes of the Storm is set to update next week with the release of Kharazim, a monk from Diablo 3’s sanctuary, a vast array of cross-game

Blizzard announces three heroes and new map for Heroes of the Storm

In recent days, Blizzard announced three new heroes coming to Heroes of the Storm, one from each of its major well-known franchises, and introduced a new battleground. One of the

Overwatch icon appears on Blizzard loader, Lúcio revealed

There was a pleasant surprise this morning, as many will notice a new icon in their Blizzard loader for Overwatch. During Gamescon, we also received a reveal for the new

The immortal King Leoric enters Heroes of the Storm

Diablo‘s undead skeleton king, Leoric, arrived auspiciously in Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Living up to his name, the iconic villain is really undead and is a playable warrior character.