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Sharkoon’s Drakonia Black Edition Mouse Review

So this is a curious little piece, Sharkoon’s Drakonia Black mouse. Just the name alone brings interest into just what the hell it is. If you guessed that it’s a

Review: Pokemon Black & White

As the newest generation in a long line of games, Pokemon Black & White has changed the face of the game. Although still on the old NDS system, instead of

Preview: Pokemon Black & White

With the announcement of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White lets take a look at some of the new features in the games. First off, the game will introduce over 150

New Pokemon Anime Series Coming State Side

It has recently been confirmed that the new Pokemon: Black & White anime series will premier on Cartoon Network on February 12. Before the American premier of the new series,

Pokemon Black & White has Gone Platinum During Pre-Sale in Japan

As a reflection on the success of the series, the newest pokemon game that is due out next month has already received over 1.08 million pre-order sales for both titles