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Why we should care about the casting of Zach McGowan in Ni’ihau

As an Asian-American, it’s sometimes difficult to discuss the whitewashing controversies surrounding recent Hollywood casting decisions without coming off sounding angry. I truly respect the creative process in making a

Black Sails XXXV recap and review – Nassau’s future in the crossroads

Losses have been felt throughout the war for Nassau. Each side has faced devastating hits and betrayals that teetered the power struggled constantly. Now, Nassau is in ruin due to

The many faces of betrayal – Black Sails XXXIII recap and review

Last week, Captain Flint made a risky decision that potentially allowed the pirates to gain Nassau but in exchange for the remaining cash of the Spanish Gold from the Urca

Eleanore’s desperate deal – Black Sails XXXII recap and review

Nassau has had a rough history. With the arrival of Woodes Rogers, it slowly tipped back to civilization, becoming a peaceful island. Captain Flint has fought long and hard, and

Costly decisions for Nassau – Black Sails XXXI Recap and Review

War is not without costly decisions. In the heat of battle, many decisive victories have been won due to quick thinking and tactical planning. Other times it’s due to mistakes

A deadly trade for freedom – Black Sails XXX Recap

Black Sails Season 4 has started off strong with the war for Nassau finally at hand. As the dust settles after the first encounter between Captain Flint and Woodes Rogers, each

A divided war for Nassau begins – Black Sails XXIX Review and Recap

The final season of Black Sails is finally here, and it starts off with a bang! Since the last we saw the pirates, Long John Silver was revealed to Nassau

First look at Black Sails Season 4

We’re about a month away for the fourth and final season of Black Sails. Last season built up to the battle for Nassau, and now we have the two sides

Starz lowers the sails for Black Sails after Season 4

It appears that the Golden Age of Piracy is coming to an end. Earlier today, STARZ announced that its hit show Black Sails will end after Season 4, which is set to

A legend is born – Black Sails XXVIII review

As news of Vane’s execution on Nassau travels, Flint and Silver prepare for war. Eleanor has sent Woodes Rogers entire fleet to attack the maroon island. Set up as a

The final word for Nassau – Black Sails XXVII Review

The dust has settled in the aftermath of last week’s episode of Black Sails. Charles Vane has been captured while freeing Jack Rackham from Woodes Rogers’ custody. The leftover cache

Can Woodes Rogers save Nassau? Black Sails XXV review

I am reasonable in seeking peace. But if you insist on making me your villain, I’ll play the part. Woodes Rogers, Governor of New Providence, has wasted no time in

Flint’s fight for Nassau – Black Sails XXIV review

From the beginning, Flint has fought a hard battle for Nassau. He’s had everything taken away from him by the country he fought for. And as a ruthless pirate, Flint

Black Sails ‘XXIII’ recap and review

The future for the pirates of Black Sails looks grim. Once Woodes Rogers released his trump card against Nassau, the majority of pirates took the pardon while Vane and Rackham

Black Sails ‘XX’ recap and review

Freedom lies in the wake of a raging hurricane. Rather than taking the pardons, Captain Flint and his crew would head straight towards death than to turn away when they

Black Sails Season 3 premiere recap and review

Warning: Contains spoilers to the season 3 premiere of Black Sails Off the coast of Bath, Carolina, a ship and crew ready to set sail are interrupted by three men.

The real-life pirates of Black Sails: Woodes Rogers

The last chapter in my Real-life Pirates of Black Sails segment comes with the newest antagonist of the show: Woodes Rogers. Governor of the Bahamas and savior of Nassau, much of

Interview with Black Sail’s Ray Stevenson

Starz’s Black Sails is only a few weeks away with Season 3. Ray Stevenson plays Blackbeard in the upcoming season. After viewing some of the episodes, I really impressed with

The real-life pirates of Black Sails: Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny

Last week, we took a look into the real life pirate inspiration of Charles Vane, as well as Nassau, New Providence, the main setting for Black Sails. This time we’ll

The real-life pirates of Black Sails: New Providence and Charles Vane

Almost 2 years ago, Black Sails hit the small screen and changed the way we saw pirates. No longer were they eyepatch-wearing, parrot-on-shoulders, and over-pronouncing-the-letter-R type of pirates, but truly