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84-year-old man plays Black Ops 2 with his grandson

I am sure that everyone’s grandpa is cool in some special way. I remember my grandpa taking me to school as a wee lad, and my grandfather had become fond

Activision continues to make bank with COD: Black Ops II

Activision is seeing no signs of slowing down for the yearly-released Call of Duty franchise. Why should they, it’s making millions every year. Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, is

Double check your Lego LotR and Black Ops 2 game discs today

If you’re going out to purchase Lego Lord of the Rings for the Xbox 360, or the PC version of CoD: Black Ops 2, then you may want to double

Robert Downey, Jr. brings a fighter jet to a gun fight in Black Ops 2

Hey look, it’s Robert Downey, Jr. flying a fighter jet in the new live-action Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer titled “Surprise.” Just imagine if Iron Man was flying

Surprise! Another Call of Duty game this year – Black Ops 2

Okay, so it’s no surprise that there will be a new Call of Duty game coming out this year. It’s also no surprise that it’s going to be released during