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Netflix releases Black Mirror season 4 Star Trek-inspired episode ‘USS Callister’

Netflix has released a trailer for the Star Trek-inspired Black Mirror episode from their upcoming fourth season called ‘USS Callister’. In the trailer, which looks like a Star Trek parody

Check out the Black Mirror season 4 teaser

Netflix dropped the fourth season teaser trailer of its hit tech-horror anthology, Black Mirror. In the teaser, we see the titles of the upcoming episodes as well as clips. The

Netflix releases new trailer for Black Mirror

Just in time for Halloween, Black Mirror will release their third season on October 21st. Netflix decided to release the trailer revealing several of the stories from the six episodes.

Netflix announces release date for Season 3 of Black Mirror

The wait is finally over! After over a year of no activity, save for an unforgettable Christmas Special starring Jon Hamm, Netflix announced the third season of Black Mirror today at the

Why Black Mirror is the best show you aren’t watching

The best works of science fiction have a way of making you either change the way you think about something you already have an opinion on, or open up entirely