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Third Editions: Comprehensive books to games like Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Final Fantasy

Playing video games is a hobby that requires a lot of your time, and one game can last for hours or even days. Now add a bunch of sequels, and

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two trailer

Check out the new trailer for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two. In this episode, you’ll continue as Elizabeth as she tries to rescue Sally while in Rapture.

BioShock Infinite ‘Burial at Sea’ DLC gets an eerie live-action investigative video

In BioShock Infinite, the setting took to the skies of Columbia, a floating city. Now we’re headed back to the underwater city of Rapture in the upcoming Burial at Sea

BioShock returning to Rapture in new DLC

Wait, before I start this, got to make sure to put up that spoiler banner otherwise I’m gonna get set on fire again….damn it, where’d I leave it? Ok I’ve

BioShock Infinite’s Songbird plushie ready for pre-order!

Remember that creepy-ass steampunk mech bird from BioShock Infinite? Well, Irrational Games, the developers of the game, got the bright idea to start making plush versions of the damn thing,

Tomb Raider, Gears of War and God of War aren’t meeting sales target

Sales for Tomb Raider, God of War and Gears of War franchises haven’t been doing that well according to reports. The March sales for God of War: Ascension and Gears of

Review: BioShock Infinite welcomes you to the wonderful world of Columbia

Back in 2007, Irrational Games released what would be one of the highest-rated shooters of all time with BioShock. Five years later, Irrational Games has finally released BioShock’s spiritual sequel with BioShock

Bioshock Infinite launch trailer shakes things up

We’ve been talking about Bioshock Infinite for a long while; watching and waiting as the supposed masterpiece was formed, polygon by polygon. The big day is almost near, and maybe

Hear the main characters from BioShock Infinite do a duet

Who knew that the main characters from BioShock Infinite did a duet together? Voice actor Troy Baker, who voices Booker DeWitt, and Courtnee Draper, who voices Elizabeth, perform “Will the

BioShock Infinite is now gold

BioShock Infinite was originally going to be released next week until Irrational Games announced that the next BioShock installment would be delayed. Many disappointed fans (including myself) wondered about the possibility of BioShock

Watch the new BioShock Infinite trailer ‘Beast of America’

It has been a few months since we last heard of the news that BioShock Infinite would be delayed by a couple of months, and it’s been even longer since

Rumor – What modes can we expect in Bioshock Infinite multiplayer?

While we can’t say for sure why Irrational Games has decided to delay their triple-A masterpiece, some new information has rolled in. A job post by Irrational Games was found

Say hello to The Siren, the fourth ‘heavy hitter’ – Bioshock Inifite

Get your first peek at one of the “heavy hitters” of Bioshock Infinite, the Siren. She’s a ghostly enemy who can bring life to the dead. Ken Levine talks about

BioShock Infinite’s the Boys of Silence will have you cover your ears

Gone are the days of the Big Daddies, as we’re introduced to the Heavy Hitters in BioShock Infinite. In the previous BioShock games, the Big Daddies aren’t as diverse in

George Washington wants to kill you in BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is just full of surprises. In the latest feature, Ken Levine talks about these tough machines called Heavy Hitters, which are kind of like the Big Daddies from

BioShock Infinite PS3 release date announced

Irrational Games announced yesterday that BioShock Infinite will be released on the PS3 on October 16th, 2012. The game will support Play Station Move motion controller. With official purchases of the

Irrational Games Announces 1999 Mode in BioShock Infinite

2K Games announced today that Irrational Game’s BioShock Infinite will feature a mode called 1999 Mode. This mode will have permanent consequences for the choices players will make. There will

The Full ‘BioShock Infinite’ 14-Minute Demo with Ken Levine

Here’s an interview with Ken Levine and the E3 2011 demo for BioShock Infinite. Watch him as Geoff Keighley interviews him about the sequel to one of the most immersive

BioShock Infinite at E3 2011

We were lucky enough to check out 2K Game’s BioShock Infinite ten minute live demo this year at E3. This is one of the games that I have been looking

Early Bioshock Infinite Footage Shows Cool Hook-Sliding Gameplay at PAX East

It really doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve played the previous Bioshock games. Bioshock Infinite is a major force to be reckoned with. it’s an FPS with a strong cinematic