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Top 5 mods I want to see in Fallout 4

The mod community for Bethesda games has always been one of the best, even dating back to the Elder Scrolls. The fact that their games are so expansive and capture

5 bad things about Fallout 4

Check out our positive review and video review here. War.. War never changes, but over time video games do and if you are like me, you may be going into

Fallout 4 embargo embargo is finally over…

  …and we can now officially announce that the Nerd Reactor review for Fallout 4 will be posted on Monday, November 9th. As Kotaku reported yesterday, there was an actual

Fallout: What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

With only 2 months left before the Atomic Bombshell known as Fallout 4 launches, Bethesda has decided to add a few more cars to its hype train. They’ve created a helpful

Is there a Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter connection?

With Fallout 4 on the way, I have been biding my time with a massive amount of Fallout Shelter. The game is simply fun and addictive, but I can’t help

Fallout Shelter is available for Android today!

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting to play the Bethesda’s mobile game Fallout Shelter and seeing our friends with iPhones rubbing our noses in the radioactive dirt, it is now

Dishonored 2 is coming for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

During the Bethesda E3 press conference, Arkane Studios took to the stage and announced that Dishonored 2 is in development for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Dishonored 2 will have

Bethesda to reunite Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb at E3

Back in the day there was a channel called G4, and it was dedicated strictly to video games and everything surrounding them. On that channel were many shows that catered

Fallout 4 announcement tomorrow

It looks like Bethesda is preparing for the official reveal of Fallout 4 tomorrow. If you visit the official Fallout site, you’ll see a countdown timer with an announcement that’s

Doom is coming to E3 2015

The time of games is upon us. With E3 2015 quickly approaching on June 14th, we’re seeing short previews of hyped titles for release in the next year. One such

‘The Evil Within’ trailer looks horrifyingly good

Bethesda just released their newest gameplay trailer for The Evil Within, just in time for PAX East. And, it looks pretty scary. From the minds behind Resident Evil, the game features Detective

Wolfenstein: New Order coming May 20th

The Wolfenstein saga continues and is coming soon to North America on May 20, 2014, then throughout Europe on May 23, 2014. The game series that catapulted the first-person-shooter genre

Bethesda registers new domain for Fallout 4: 2299; announcement to follow in 26 days

DISCLAIMER: There is a possibility that this is fake, and If so, I apologize in advance. Some things don’t add up such as the European date format, the goDaddy registry,

The Elder Scrolls Anthology coming in September, contains every Elder Scrolls game

Say hello the the Elder Scrolls Anthology. Announced during Quakecon, this currently announced PC-only collection will contain all the Elder Scrolls games and add-ons in one very affordable collection. The

A new Wolfenstein game is coming…from Bethesda

Bethesda Softworks has announced today that they are working on a new re-imagining of Wolfenstein called Wolfenstein: The New Order. The action-adventure shooter will be out in Q4 2013. With

Bethesda announces Skyrim: Legendary Edition for June release

Bethesda previously announced it was done with Skyrim updates and DLC. That’s not to say that they are completely done with the game. Now they have announced the Skyrim: Legendary

Bethesda teases fans with trailer…but what is it?

Bethesda has teased fans with a trailer that shows barbed wires spinning around and then flashes of Air on G string by Johann Sebastian Bach. This was teased a day

Dishonored DLC trailer combines stealthy slaughter with rap

Most people probably wouldn’t think of pairing a game like Dishonored with rap music, but, stranger things have happened. Bethesda is certainly not afraid to try such combinations with their

Free enslaved androids from Boston in Fallout 4?

If there is one game that I can say legitimatized the whole “next-gen” console (XB360/PS3) feel for me, I would not hesitate to say Fallout 3. Fallout 3 completely shattered

Coco tries his hand at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Seeing as we, the nerds, were responsible for getting Conan O’Brien back on the air. Coco has recently dabbled into doing video game reviews. While he may not be particularly