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Part 3 of Mario Warfare is now online!

It’s been a while, but if you were going crazy for the release of part 3 of Beat Down Boogie‘s Mario Warfare web series, it’s time to check out of

Animazement 2013 cosplay music video from Beat Down Boogie

Our buddies at Beat Down Boogie has produced another awesome Cosplay Music Video at Animazement 2013 in Durham, North Carolina. Check out the video below!

Epic Katsucon 2013 video by Beat Down Boogie

Katsucon 2013 is a convention that celebrates Japanese culture, especially anime. And if a U.S. convention is celebrating Japanese culture, you can bet your ass that there will be plenty

Mario Warfare Part 2: Who knew Mario can be that badass?

If you’re caught up with Mario Warfare, Beat Down Boogie has released Part 2 of the Mario-inspired web series. Even though Part 1 featured Toad pulling off some crazy Gun

It’s an all-out war in Mario Warfare Part 1

After a long hiatus after their Modern War Gear Solid web series, Beat Down Boogie has finally launched Part 1 of their next big web series, Mario Warfare. It’s got

Mario Warfare web series will go on despite drug abuse and eating disorder

Drug abuse, eating issues, and more drug abuse. Who knew that it could affect even actors in a web series? Here’s the video revealing the production setbacks of the hotly

Now you can watch Modern Warfare Gear Solid like a feature length movie

If you’ve been watching the Modern Warfare Gear Solid fan-made series in parts, then you’re truly missing out. See your favorite heroes, Solid Snake and Ghost, as they’re meant to

So that’s why Waldo is so hard to find

Waldo can be a very tricky person to track. People hear his name and they always ask, “Where’s Waldo?” Now we know why he’s a difficult person to find, thanks

Princess Peach Gets a Poster for Mario Warfare Fan Film

Princess Peach just got a brand-spanking new poster for the upcoming Mario Warfare fan film series by Beat Down Boogie, you know, the guys that did Modern War Gear Solid.

Modern Warfare 3, Now Starring Ghost

Are you sad about what happened to Ghost in Modern Warfare 2? Do you wish that he was in Modern Warfare 3 somehow? We have good news for you then.

Halloween Tips from Modern War Gear Solid’s Dr. Naomi Hunter

Halloween is almost here and is coming up pretty fast. Dr. Naomi Hunter, from the Modern War Gear Solid series, has prepared a little guide, letting us know about geeky

Freddy and Jason Get a Rematch

Want to see Freddy Krueger perform “kickboxing” and Jason doing some Ip Man fast-punching moves? Then check out this Halloween video, “Freddy VS Jason – The Rematch”, by Beat Down

Solid Snake Sings Your Favorite Pop Hits

Do you remember all those beautiful pop songs? Do you remember the music that made today’s generation so special? It’s here, Now That’s What Snake Calls Music – Vol. 1.

Dragon Age Parody: What You Really Wanted to Do in the Game

So yeah, when fighting enemies and trying to save the kingdom of Ferelden in Dragon Age, what I really wanted to do was shack up with Morrigan. I have a

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