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Liu Kang isn’t prepared in this funny Mortal Kombat video

The latest video from the team at Beat Down Boogie has some familiar faces from the popular Mortal Kombat franchise going toe to toe, but in a more “realistic” fashion.

Visit Dragon Con 2016 with Beat Down Boogie’s cosplay music video

If you missed Dragon Con this year, then let Beat Down Boogie take care of that. The team has finally released its Dragon Con video titled “Let’s Forget Who We

Watch this really, really long Dragon Con 2015 video

Is it that time again? Yes, Beat Down Boogie has released its really, really long Dragon Con 2015 video, and it features 30 minutes of gorgeous cosplay. It took the

Check out the epic cosplay in this Dragon Con 2015 video

Beat Down Boogie has released its Dragon Con 2015 cosplay music video, and it is beyond epic. So far my favorite cosplayers are the female Mad Max guitarist, light-up Deadmau5,

Legend of Zelda meets Spaghetti Western in Hang Em Hyrule (fan film)

Beat Down Boogie, the guys that brought us Super Mario Warfare, has finally released its Legend of Zelda Western fan film, Hang Em Hyrule. If you’re a fan of Legend of

If you don’t know what a Party Con is… check out this video

Some people go to conventions to see their favorite celebrities or artists, attend panels or buy collectibles. And then there are those who like to cosplay and party. The best

Legend of Zelda as a Spaghetti Western (trailer)

Beat Down Boogie, the team that brought us Mario Warfare and Modern War Gear Solid, is coming up with a new series called Hang Em Hyrule. Imagine The Legend of

If Avengers was a cheesy kung fu movie

Avengers: Age of Ultron is now in theaters, and here’s a fun parody called Kung Fu Avengers: Civil War that fuses cheesy kung fu goodness with your favorite Avengers, Iron

Solid Snake teaches self-defense (video)

If you want to become the best practitioner of self-defense, you better learn from the best. Beat Down Boogie has released a new instructional video showing you how to take care of

Dragon Con gets an epic 30-minute cosplay music video

Beat Down Boogie has done it again. If you thought their previous Dragon Con videos were long, this one takes the cake. It’s 30 minutes of cosplay madness and features

New York Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Music Video

New York Comic Con 2014 is now over, and thanks to Beat Down Boogie, we have the cosplay music video for the convention featuring a lot of awesome cosplay including

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Music Video by Beat Down Boogie

Dragon Con is such a huge event that it takes two videos to show off the amazing cosplay world. Beat Down Boogie has released the videos for this year’s con,

James Gunn surprises Marvel cosplayers at Dragon Con 2014

Photo by Beat Down Boogie Beat Down Boogie has captured a very special moment with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and the cosplayers during the Marvel Comics photo shoot

Yes, this cosplay music video is set on an aircraft carrier

The Beat Down Boogie team has done it again with capturing cosplay in unique and beautiful locations. KantaiCon 2014 was held on the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier located at Patriot’s

Mario Warfare finale is out!

The moment of truth is here. Beat Down Boogie‘s Episode 8 of Mario Warfare is now out, and we’ll get to see the epic conclusion including Mario and friends going

Mario Warfare Part 5: Peach joins the video game fight club

Beat Down Boogie has just released part 5 of Mario Warfare. In this episode, Peach will have to do some convincing to get the Smash Club group to help her

Beat Down Boogie does 40 minutes of Dragon Con cosplay goodness

Beat Down Boogie is no stranger to long cosplay videos, and this year, they have easily topped their previous running time with this 40-minute Dragon Con video. Check it out

Here’s Beat Down Boogie’s Dragon Con 2013 Video…Part 1!

Photo by Beat Down Boogie Beat Down Boogie is known for creating many awesome Dragon Con videos hands down. With Dragon Con 2013 over, it’s time to bring that good feeling

Otakon 2013: 20 Years of Otakon

Otakon has been the convention of the otaku generation for 20 years. Otakon always has a good show, full of great guests, and programming. I got to see a lot

Mario Warfare Episode 4: Welcome to Smash Club

Previously on Mario Warfare – Princess Peach gets attacked by Donkey Kong, only to be saved by his changing heart. It turns out Kong was saved by Peach’s father, and

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