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Nintendo and Playboy team up for Bayonetta 2 sexiness

Nintendo is known to be family friendly, but with the company getting the exclusive for Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U, it clearly wants that “hardcore” gaming crowd. Since it

Bayonetta 2 releasing on October 24th in North America

Is Bayonetta 2 going to be released before 2014 ends? Nintendo has confirmed that the sequel will be out for the Wii U on October 24, 2014. Another surprise is that

SDCC 2014: Nintendo offers playground for fans to play and compete

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, Nintendo presents itself at the exhibition hall in the convention center as well as the ballroom at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. There

New Bayonetta 2 trailer asks ‘Did You Miss Me?’

Satoru Iwata ended today’s Nintendo Direct with a new Bayonetta 2 trailer from Platinum Games. We get to see new gameplay and an introduction to the story. It looks like Bayonetta

Announcement of Bayonetta 2 brings hate and a teaser trailer for the game

On September 13th it was announced that Bayonetta 2 will be exclusively for WiiU. And when that was announced fans went to the forums, twitter, and other social sites and