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Dark Knight Fans attack negative reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes

The final installment of the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is just a few days away and the anticipation has reached the boiling point. With emotions running high, a few reviews

Rocksteady to work on Silver Age of Justice League game?

News has surfaced that Rocksteady will be working on the Silver Age Batman/Justice League game. According to Variety, it will be based on Batman’s first encounter the Joker. This was

Christopher Nolan wants nothing to do with the Justice League movie

In the last couple of months or so, rumors began to surface that Warner Brothers was moving ahead with their Justice League movie. Many had thought that since Green Lantern

NR Contest: The Dark Knight Rises Mimobot USB

Our Adventure Time contest isn’t even over yet, and here we are already promoting another Nerd Reactor contest. That’s what happens when San Diego Comic-Con is coming. Either that or

Batman vs. Wolverine fan film = Results will have some fans raging

There have been many debates in the comic geek community about who’d win in a battle, Batman or Wolverine. Now there’s a fan film with the two fan-favorite comic characters

Batman News: Paul Dini to return and India Wadsworth’s role in The Dark Knight Rises

There are some cool Batman news today. The first one is Paul Dini making a return to DC Comics with a new Batman graphic novel, and the second one is

Dark Knight Rises tickets being scalped for over $300 dollars?!

Ticket scalpers have been the vain of many concert goers for years, asking unreasonable prices for concert tickets at SOLD OUT shows. Now it seems they have shifted their focus

Bane’s strength is revealed in new Dark Knight Rises trailer

The newest Dark Knight Rises trailer has been released, and it does contain a spoiler that could ruin the story for you. Don’t watch the trailer or read this if

Batman and Bane greet each other with their fists in Dark Knight Rises TV spot

Here’s the latest TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises revealing Batman and Bane exchanging blows back and forth. Looks like Bane won’t be as tough as he is in

E3 2012 – Injustice: Gods Among Us fighting done right

Marvel has enjoyed some success in the fighting game market thanks to Capcom for the last decade. DC, on the other hand, had one fighting game on the Super Nintendo

Batgirl gets her own fan-made web series

Batgirl: Spoiled is a new fan-made web series starring Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. Many might not know who Stephanie Brown is, but she is the third character to become Batgirl

Batman and Bane like to stand on top of vehicles in these new banners

There are four new banners and a new image for The Dark Knight Rises. The first banner looks really cool, featuring our hero and villain in a dramatic standoff. Batman

‘Dark Knight Rises’ TV spots make you want to see the movie more

July 20, 2012, is the next important date in the world of comic book movies. The Avengers did an amazing job when it came out, becoming a blockbuster success worldwide.

Six new Dark Knight Rises posters with Bane, Catwoman and Batman

It’s a big Batman haul today with 6 new posters for The Dark Knight Rises. Three of the posters feature a gritty and dark Batman, Bane and Catwoman. The other

Avengers’ Dark Knight Rises trailer shows the Batwing in action!

The new Dark Knight Rises trailer that is scheduled to be attached to The Avengers has been released. Earlier today, fans around the world scoured the globe looking for clues

Comic: Batman ‘Night of the Owls’ begins

Batman and the rest of the bat family have to face Gotham’s biggest threat in DC’s new story arc “Night of the Owls.” After Batman has been attacked, kidnapped and

Catwoman and Batman on the cover of EW

Here’s the Batman (Christian Bale) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) photo on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. We get a good look at Batman’s suit and Catwoman’s eye mask and ears.

Batmobiles unite for Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray/DVD

If you haven’t notice lately, there have been a lot of photos popping up of the Batmobiles meeting up in Burbank, CA. The meet was a special event held for

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman bikinis

Spencer’s is having a bikini sale at their site that once had these DC hero bikini in stock. Looks like we have a lot of sexy and geeky gals ready

Batman Live coming to AMERICA!

Yeah! You read that right, a live Batman show! The story follows Dick Grayson’s origin and how he came to know Bruce Wayne. After the death of his parents Bruce