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Frank Miller is writing a Superman origin story

Iconic comic book writer Frank Miller has been writing about Batman for decades. Many of his graphic novels involving the caped crusader are widely acclaimed and considered among the best

Catwoman Animated Short Clip Shows Us Plenty of Cleavage

Catwoman will have her own animated short attached to copies of Batman: Year One, the next DC Universe Animated Original. Here’s a clip from the short featuring our sexy pussy

‘Batman: Year One’ Clip – Batman Ruins Family Dinner

Can’t a bad guy have a nice peaceful dinner without having the Bat barge in with explosives and smoke? He really is a douche bag in the criminal underworld. Here’s

DC Animated ‘Batman: Year One’ Trailer Is Out

Here’s the new trailer for the next DC animated movie, Batman: Year One. This movie is based on Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One back in 1987. In the story, Bruce